TNA House Show Results – 1/20/09
Location: Manchester, England

Scott Barton sent this report in:

I attended last nights show in Manchester, first time TNA have been there and well attendance was good only a few sections was obviously ot full the rest here or there, the top tier was completley tiered off and was pretty much a half arena show, rough estimate around 5,000 maybe more maybe less but I was at ringside 6th row back but before the event I attended the Fan Interaction which got going at about 5.15pm and didn’t last that long, there was a huge queue to see Angle (no suprises) but there were a whole host of superstars there including Beer Money, The Beautiful People, Brutus Magnus, Alex Shelley, Earl Hebner, Sheik Abdul Bashir, Kurt Angle, Scott Steiner, Mick Foley, Bubba Ray Dudley, Matt Morgan, Consequences Creed, Jay Lethal, Ruddy Charles, Samoa Joe, AJ Styles there could have been more I forget oh Taylor Wilde and ODB. Man Taylor Wilde looked good, I even told her so. Didn’t get very far after calling her beautiful but Dixie Carter was around and seemed a really nice woman. However all seemed very rushed and wasn’t well organised.

Anyways on to the show

JB came out and introduced he was going to be the ring announcer for tonight and they were giving out free passes

1# Alex Shelley bt. “Black Machismo” Jay Lethal to retain the TNA X Division Championship

First match of the night, actually seemed quite a quick match, the crowd seemed in to it and well both men played faces in the match. For some reason Shelley came out to some Blur song (uk early 90s pop band). Anyway Shelley hit the top rope splash and got the 3 count

2# Taylor Wilde & ODB bt. The Beautiful People (Angelina Love & Velvet Sky)

After meeting ODB in the fan interaction and was sat next to Wilde, the comparison between them both is immense although she seemed really nice, not a bad match to be honest some comedy moments by ODB including getting her perfume and spraying her lower regions. Definatley not a kids show but was good fun, huge chest which she slapped like a gorilla about 20 times. ODB hit the running powerslam on Angelina after a mix communication and the Beautiful people went in to each other. After the bout, The Beautiful people got on the mic and said they wont come back to Manchester ever again; they were very very good heels and got good heat. They left the ring with the crowd chanting ‘na na na na hey hey hey goodbye’

3# Brutus Magnus bt. Consequences Creed

Well a brit vs. american and the brit crowd were more over for Creed. Not a bad match, not a great one neither Magnus needless to say was working a heel did some poses and hit some power moves. Magnus used a twisting samoan drop to get the win. Magnus was ok, needs more work though

4# Abyss & Matt Morgan bt. Doug Williams & Eric Young

A mismatch and another strange booking seeing as on the last impact Abyss and Morgan were fighting each other yet in this match they were fine and well Morgan was a face and flipping the crowd and Abyss pretty much stayed face. Anyway a decent match, Doug Williams impressed me quite a bit personally think he is a fantastic wrestler but was my first time in a while seeing Matt Morgan and I don’t feel I can judge too much in this match his skills however a lot of boring holds and such. Anyway Abyss hit his finisher on Williams and the match was done

*After the match there was a pushing confrontation with Morgan and Abyss with Morgan leaving and Abyss staying in the ring to be cheered. Wonder what will happen hmmmm

5# Samoa Joe bt. Sheik Abdul Bashir

Decent match infact I was berrating this a bit before the match thinking why is Joe facing him but overall was a very good match, some outside stuff infact Joe running around the ring at one point with the fans chanting ole ole ole, and gave him an ole kick whilst Bashir was sat at some point. Previous to the match starting Bashir got on the mic and started berrating the Manchester crowd about not being able to buy football player Kaka and how Manchester didn’t deserve such a player (I must have been the only one clapping) anyway Joe hit the muscle buster in a very good match


*JB did a segment which was filmed showing the crowd in Manchester (they didn’t turn the lights on at the back)

*The president of TNA Dixie Carter came to the ring for a promo pretty much thanking the crowd and how the UK is the #1 country for TNA. Went on to promote how many countries view TNA then introduced in what she stated the biggest aquistion in TNA history Mick Foley. Mick came to the ring, popped how his speech was the 2nd most important made by an american today (obviously making reference to Barack Obama) then making reference to the fans and thanking them and quote “im glad my boss looks a lot better than my old boss”. Pretty useless segment and then they both went

6# Beer Money Inc (Robert Roode & James Storm) bt. Team 3D to retain the TNA Tag Team Championship

My god I said before the match oh god and after the match I was like omg fantastic. This suprisingly thing was this was the match of the night. Beer Money awesome heels and Team 3D very very over as faces. Infact I don’t think the crowd stopped chanting for them tables, 3d etc etc Anyway the interaction with the crowd was great, was a part where Bubba did his test of strength but kept changing arm eventually ending up with him dancing, the damndest thing was both Bubba and I think Storm starting dancing. Hilarious anyway as I said they worked the crowd awesome both teams. Before the match, Beer Money got on the mic and said It was nice to be back in London. Nice heel spot anyways Storm heel kicked D’Von to get the win. After the match, they put Roode through a table and gave a piece of the table to a little kid. Nice gesture there

7# AJ Styles & Jeff Jarrett bt. Kurt Angle & Scott Steiner

If you ask me, probably one of the worst matches of the night. Very slow and the only one doing anything remotely interesting was Styles. Steiner looked like he was going to fall over each time he ran the ropes and well a lot was a lame mat wrestling match with compared to the last match very little noise from the crowd. Minus the main event the show was great this let it down and really is arse backwards cause this should have been the match of the night. Jarrett hit a pedigree at one point and Jarrett hit Steiner with an enzuguri and Styles did some sort of somersault splash from the top which was awesome to get the win. Jarrett post-match thanked the fans and said we are the reason TNA is here today

Overall a good show, some really good matches and the interaction with the Team 3D match was great but for comedy moments and such I doubt they would do on TV but both worked a heel and face part of the match. Doug Williams should wrestle more cause in my view was the best in his match, the Knockouts was an ok affair. To be honest after having to suffer with the current state of meaningless division within the wwe, this one meant nothing to be but was an ok match. Main event rubbish I cant see at times why TNA books such rubbish. All in all an enjoyable event, and they were selling Christian Cage t-shirts. Hmmm

MATCH OF THE NIGHT – Team 3D vs. Beer Money