TNA House Show Results – 1/24/09
Location: London, England

Jon Hall sent this report in:

I was very excited about seeing this show and have wanted to see a TNA event ever since it started. I wasn’t disappointed.

Alex Shelly beat Jay Lethal, Doug Williams and Eric Young in a fatal four way to retain the X Division title

Scott Steiner beat Consequences Creed

Taylor Wilde and ODB beat The Beautiful People

Brutus Magnus beat Sheik Abdul Bashir

Team 3D beat Beer Money Inc in a non title street fight

Mick Foley and Dixie Carter come out and say that this was the largest crowd in TNA history and are planning to have TNA come back to England for either a live event or a pay per view

Samoa Joe and AJ Styles beat Matt Morgan and Abyss. Abyss and Morgan brawled after the match

Jeff Jarrett beat Kurt Angle

John McNeill also sent this report in:

I just thought I?d give another more detailed view on the event I was there in section d2 first ever wrestling event I?ve been to. I thought the crowd was amazingly hot all night from the 1st bell

the 1st match was the x division fatal 4 way
Doug Williams vs. Jay Lethal vs. Eric Young vs. Alex Shelly

I was a little disappointed in this match to be honest for the “no limits x division” I really also wanted to see Sabin in this event so was sorely disappointed.
However couple of early spots the get the crowd going everyone getting a go at a suicide dive the outside.

Shelly wins after Williams hit chaos theory Shelly breaks it up and hits the sliced bread for the 3 count.

as usual I head for TNA events JB was all over the crowd about backstage passes etc and really kept the crowd so hot all night. So I found out the most underrated man in TNA
JB Jeremy Borash.

2nd match was Scott Steiner vs. Consequences Creed

I heard in the past Steiner has attitude problems and doesn?t get on with fans. Well put it this way either Steiner is an amazing heel or he had a few problems with the front row.

I will believe the 1st because he did seem totally in control of it all.

In the match Steiner in control most of it creed then got a little bit of good offensive. To point out very impressed with Creed knowing biggest crowd for him ever it was an excellent showing and he got the crowd in the match as well done. The finish was an excellent belly to belly off the top by Steiner and then in to the recliner and it was all she wrote.

More banter with JB trying to hype the main event by saying he got a text message saying the crowd are losers from Kurt Angle.

The next match was the knockout of ODB and Taylor Wilde vs. The Beautiful People

Firstly I love Taylor Wilde is there a more underrated and beautiful women in the wrestling world please tell me were because I don?t think so.

The crowd however loved the BP entrance (who wouldn?t that some fine women) but mainly the whole match loved ODB something about her I don?t know what it is. The match was very good back and forth action allot of comedy from ODB grabbing the racks of all 3 women. After Taylor I obviously screamed CAN I HAVE A GO NOW.

ODB pinned Velvet Sky for the win.

After the match BP on the mic said they would never come back to the UK ever again as we don?t deserve them. To which they left on the note of “oh btw SOCCER SUCKS”

Next match was Brutus Magnus vs. Sheik Abdul Bashir

Next up the obvious foreigner vs. home town boy match. the modern day gladiator as he known(I like the gimmick not the name)

All out of wrestling holds Brutus looked not bad for a rookie but the crowd wasn?t in to this match as much as the rest. Sheik won with feet on the ropes Earl Hebner runs out and tells Rudy that they were on the ropes ref restarts the match a little bit of back and forth action then the roll up for a Brutus win. not bad at all

Next was the London street fight
Team 3D VS Beer Money Inc in a non title match

Now Team 3D there some entertainers allot of fun stuff fighting in the crowd Devon got very close to us was excellent. Then in the ring Devon got supper kicked and for the next 5-10 minutes it’s all 2 on 1 on Bubba with Devon on the outside. Finally Devon back in and the crowd want tables. So Bubba pushed Devon “DEVON” and then count for the crowd and on 3 the whole of Wembley erupted in “GET THE TABLES” just one of those moments were your heart skips a beat. They have a table ready outside the ring that they bring in with TEAM 3D on it. Some more back and forth action before a 3d through the table for the win.

After the match bubba gets on the mic and says “we appreciate all the Dudley boyz chants over here and all the ecw chants over here but just 1 thing to remember WE ARE TEAM 3D AND THIS IS TNA!!” amazing then he says “this is the biggest crowd in TNA history and the loudest so on 3 I want to hear the biggest TNA crowd ever give me the loudest TNA chant in the history of this business and after 3 seconds the whole of Wembley as 1 chants TNA TNA TNA” just another amazing moment there!! Next its Devon turn and he says London England let me here it OH MY BROTHER and again all as 1 “TESTIFY”. They then give a piece of the table to a young lad called harry and every chants harry.

Match of night for entertainment Team 3D are entertainers without a doubt probably the best in the world.

Intermission next and JB tells us when we come back we will all be on a commercial shown in 122 countries for TNA.
I got my Samoa Joe t-shirt during the break also good work. Disappointed no AJ Styles ones though I believe they sold out.

After the best JB does the commercial gets all the TV stations in Europe a plug. And then introduces Dixie carter good pop for her and she gives us all a thank you says it’s great to be part of TNA then introduces MICK FOLEY outstanding pop. Mick Comes out does some banter then starts singing the song from the wrestler loll (long story as to how he got to that point) and way he then says he feels embarrassed and asks Dixie to save him she whispers to him and he says “that’s good Dixie has given me some great news how about we come back later in the year to do a PPV or a bravo special) the fans are happy and chant PAY PER VEIW.

After this was match of the night

Samoa Joe and AJ Styles vs. Matt Morgan and Abyss

I think most of the fans were there to see AJ and Joe more than anyone I certainly was and they didn?t disappoint. Biggest pop for AJ amazing moment people singing along to YOU ARE YOU ARE I AM I AM.

abyss got a nice little chant and Matt Morgan played a monster heel ( side not he did it very well and matt Morgan is HUGE his arse touched the top rope that man is off the chart big and built to he seems the complete package.)

Joe started off with nice offence over Abyss both tagged out and in came AJ with using his speed over Morgan. Morgan and Abyss on the outside. Joe give Abyss a suicide dive and AJ moonsaults on to Morgan on the outside another monster pop. And the ole kick to the outside by Joe the fans do like to get in on that one. Back in the ring Morgan and abyss take control over AJ. AJ fights back and hits the Pele another monster pop for that. tags in Joe and some brilliant moves for the big man running yakuza kick senton splash and jump off second rope with a kick to the head of abyss.joe then hits a big kick to the head of Morgan tags in AJ and he springboard somersaults on to Morgan 1 2 3. AJ and Joe celebrate to the biggest reaction of the night. 1 word for that Phenomenal.
After the match Morgan and abyss brawled. Irony at the time on TV in the UK they would have been doing the same thing.

After that is the main event
Jeff Jarrett vs. Kurt Angle

good pop for Kurt even though they tried to get heat for him I think it was totally 50-50.
Still amazing pop for Jeff though and a thank you Jeff chant.

allot of back and forth action nothing like there PPV match thought recently I thought that was the best match in a long time.(1 of 2 on that PPV)

Steiner came out with chair he missed Jeff who drop kicked it back in his face. Then Kurt got the chair Foley came out grabbed it dropped it and Mr. Socko was out for a good appearance that in a guitar shot for the win for Jeff. Jeff then celebrated for a minute before he was leaving and Mick stopped him and said that it wasn?t over. He brought out Joe, AJ, Jay Lethal. ODB, Taylor Wilde, Creed and TEAM 3D (he called them the Dudley’s then asked the camera man to rewind loll. bubba came down and kissed Taylor. and then they all gave the fans a big thank you which was amazing and then left with I believe every having had an amazing time.

All in all a fantastic show from TNA and I can?t wait for the show at the end of the year. Amazing stuff. Like I said it seemed AJ and Joe were the reason people were there great pops. Being part of TNA history was amazing the biggest crowd ever but on this showing really they should be getting it week in week out. but just big props to Joe and AJ for being amazing wrestlers and Team 3D for being amazing entertainers and JB for what I must say was an amazing job done by him he’s the reason TNA crowds put WWE’s to shame

biggest pops
1.More of a moment really but the TNA chant that team 3d got everyone to do was off the hook.
2. AJ without a doubt
3. Samoa Joe again huge
4. Mick Foley
5. TEAM 3D (has people knew how amazing they would be they would be at number 1 as you can see technically they are anyway)

biggest heat
1. Kurt Angle (hostile reception but turned into 50-50 for him)
2. Matt Morgan (played an excellent heel whole way though)
3. Dixie Carter saying thank you for spending you hard earned dollars (the corrected herself with pounds and got a little cheer)
4. JB for mentioning the French TV station there
5. Scott Steiner
4. JB

I recorded Foley PPV announcement on my phone and I will be putting it on YouTube

Yours Sincerely
John McNeill