Cody Rhodes

Rolling Stone is featuring an interview with Cody Rhodes and The Young Bucks discussing the trio coming up with the idea to book an independent wrestling event with the goal to fill a 10,000 seat arena for the upcoming “All In” event on September 1.

Rhodes and the Bucks talk about how the concept stemmed from an online interaction with The Wrestling Observer’s Dave Meltzer who didn’t think ROH could sellout a 10,000 seat arena. Rhodes accepted the bet and the Bucks jumped on board with the idea.

We reported last night that the Sears Centre Arena in Hoffman Estates (just outside Chicago) was announced as the location for the event on September 1. Cody Rhodes, The Young Bucks, Kenny Omega, Stephen Amell of “Arrow”, Hangman Page, Marty Scurll, Tessa Blanchard and more names to be announced are currently booked.

Ticket information is said to be forthcoming per a new tweet today.

You can check out the full Rolling Stone interview below.


  1. as cornette states, anyone can sell out any arena but making a profit is a different concern.
    good luck to the guys but wrasslin is in a slump, with no real sight of it changing soon.
    also, if the bucks of youth or omega get a nxt deal, would they turn it down or would the event be off if they leave?
    vince likes to destroy competition and losing either would balls it all up.

  2. If it’s in Chicago surely they’d at least talk about calling CM Punk? If you can get him on the card in any capacity you just sold a bunch more tickets

  3. I think they’ve tried. Punk made a joke about it on his Twitter a few weeks ago, but he could just be doing his usual tease. If they had secured any role for him whatsoever though, you know they’d be advertising the hell out of it as he’d be a huge draw.

  4. Supposedly, the Bucks have had a bunch of offers from the WWE, but they always turn them down because they both enjoy the creative freedom they have, and they also make a ton of money from merchandise without the ‘E taking a cut.

  5. And Omega just said in an stream interview this week that he is currently happier being independent and where WWE would surely be interested in and open to offereing deals to either I have to believe both The Bucks of Youth and Omega are far from a WWE deal at least at present and are unlikely to sign before this event (I’d guess at present both are making more with Indy deals than they would in year 1 or 2 with WWE and they have complete freedom)

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