Sid Vicious

WWE legend Sid Vicious, who was set to appear for the AIW independent promotion at their live event on Friday in Cleveland, Ohio, no-showed the event, cancelling on the company at the last minute.

Sid had been heavily featured in the promotion for the event, with the event being titled “Rulers of the World” and his likeness on the promotional poster.

AIW and owner John Thorne released audio via YouTube of Sid’s phone call where he canceled on the company, citing the recent travel ban by President Donald Trump as the reason for his cancellation.

AIW was able to make light of the bad situation, as Impact star EC3 and former WWE star Hornswoogle made surprise appearances on the event, with EC3 dressed up as Sid and signing autographs to fans making light of the situation.


  1. “The same thing happened to her”
    So wait, a woman who works at the airline is banned by the travel ban, but still books flights? I know this is all a lie by Sid, but it’s not a very good one. Also the Trump blame thing is hilarious. Now people are saying they can’t make it to Indy wrestling shows because of Trump…classic!!!

  2. Sid is telling the truth!

    The “REAL ID ACT of 2005” signed by President George W. Bush mandated that states issue new ID’s that comply with new Federal standards. One part of the law said that in order to fly on airlines you must show an ID that complies with the law. It was designed to combat terrorism (think 9/11).

    Sid said he had no valid drivers license and no passport. When he went to the airport he most likely was unable to board a plane because he could not provide any ID. Airlines often do a very poor job of explaining this and most people don’t pay attention enough to know what is going on.

    Sid is right to be angry about this. It is a stupid law that does nothing to make anyone safer and impedes the right of innocent citizens to travel. He should be blaming President Bush, not Trump!

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