Cody Rhodes

Former WWE star and current ROH Champion Cody Rhodes has confirmed plans with The Young Bucks to book a 10,000 seat venue for a big wrestling event in 2018.

Rhodes confirmed a story by Pro Wrestling Sheet on Monday noting that while they couldn’t officially comment, plans were underway to book a venue for next year.

Rhodes seemed to indicate some sort of partnership with ROH when he tweeted earlier in the month about scoping out possible venue locations.

Chicago, London, San Francisco and Ontario, California are all possible candidates.

The story by Pro Wrestling Sheet indicated that this would be a self-financed project by Rhodes and The Young Bucks. It stems from a Twitter exchange between Rhodes and Dave Meltzer back in May when Meltzer was asked if ROH could sell over 10,000 tickets to an event.

Meltzer didn’t think it was possible, citing WCW as the last promotion to sell over 10,000 tickets to a live event in the United States outside of WWE. Rhodes took that statement as a challenge in a venture that would likely require ROH’s approval.


  1. I’d like to see that happen (RoH getting 10,000+ attendance for a card), but that’s just going to give Vince time to come up with something to counter and sabotage it (just like he did with the Survivor Series against Crockett’s Starrcade). Much as he’ll never publicly admit it, Vince still fears competition and he’ll do what he can to suppress it.

  2. Exactamundo – just like he did to rival promotions trying to run in major arenas back at the tail end of the territory era.

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