Steve Corino

Longtime Ring of Honor performer and commentator Steve Corino worked his final event for Ring of Honor at their TV Tapings on Sunday in Philadelphia at the 2300 Arena (ECW Arena). Corino wrestled on the tapings last night, losing in a match to Cody Rhodes. Taping reports have said that Corino received a standing ovation by the ROH locker room afterwards backstage. It has been said for the last few weeks in multiple wrestling media reports that after spending a week as a guest trainer at the WWE Performance Center in Orlando that Corino will be signed by the company to be a coach.

Corino posted the following on Twitter on Sunday night, giving thanks to ROH.


  1. Am I missing something? Can someone explain the connection between Steve Corino & Kevin Sullivan. Did they first cross paths in ECW? In ROH sometime in the past before they made it into syndication? Or did the ROH writers just make the whole thing up?

  2. I was wondering the same thing. I don’t ever recall anything with them in ECW, and although I am only new to ROH in the last 3 years, even with the DVDs and old events I have seen I never recall anything to do with Sullivan and Corino. I loved Corino in ECW, and I remember him having different crews/factions, nothing with Sullivan. I’d really like to know the connection and the reason for this ongoing storyline as well. I figured it was just a way to get BJ over as an even bigger heel. Now I’m off to scour the internet to find out something about it.

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