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WWN Alerts – July 7th, 2015 Edition

This is an absolutely loaded WWN Alerts with major lineup changes for this weekend’s EVOLVE cards, new videos and the extension of our “Independents” Day Sale, which includes $10 EVOLVE, DGUSA, PWG and SHINE DVDs plus $9.99 iPPVs. Let’s get to it….

July 7th: First, you can still order tickets for EVOLVE 45 this Friday in Ybor City, FL and EVOLVE 46 this Saturday in Orlando, FL in the DGUSA.tv Store or by calling 267-638-6583. We will refund the shipping after you order and hold the tickets at will call for you.

July 7th: It’s not too late to enter our FREE TICKET GIVEAWAY! We are giving away a pair of 1st row tickets for both EVOLVE 45 and EVOLVE 46. There will be one winner per event. To enter simply email us at Help@DGUSA.tv and put the show you can attend in the subject. We will pick the winners on Thursday morning.

July 7th: Pre-order this Friday’s EVOLVE 45 and this Saturday’s EVOLVE 46 now at www.WWNLive.com to save $5 per iPPV. If you order the live and VOD versions of both EVOLVE 45 and EVOLVE 46 you can pick any past EVOLVE, DGUSA or WWN iPPV to own for free. This is like buy 2, get 1 free! To claim your free iPPV simply email your receipts for EVOLVE 45 and EVOLVE 46 to Help@DGUSA.tv and tell us what past iPPV you want for free. This offer ends Thursday at midnight EST.

July 7th: We are sorry to inform you that Biff Busick is off this weekend’s EVOLVE events due to an injury. This is a precautionary measure to make sure Busick heals quickly. He will be back in action when EVOLVE returns to Queens on 8/15 and Long Island on 8/16. This cancellation has led to a series of lineup changes for this weekend.

July 7th: EVOLVE & DGUSA Champion Drew Galloway immediately contacted EVOLVE officials when he heard the news about Busick. Galloway has volunteered to step up and make two titles defenses this Saturday in Orlando, FL to make sure you get the most value for your money. This means Galloway will wrestle twice. We already know it’ll be Galloway vs. Trent Baretta for the EVOLVE Title this Saturday in Orlando. The challenger for Galloway’s DGUSA Open The Freedom Gate Title will be determined this Friday in Ybor City, FL. We can’t remember the last time a double champion has defended each title in a separate match on the same show. Galloway is attempting to make history with this impressive task.

July 7th: We have decided to mix up the lineup for Orlando this Saturday with the Busick and Galloway news. It will now be Chris Hero vs. Davey Richards this Saturday in Orlando. These two elite talents have not wrestled each other in a singles match since 2011. They are both much different, more mature and better competitors now. Who do you think will win this match? Tweet using hashtag #HeroVsRichards and let us know.

July 7th: Timothy Thatcher vs. Martin Stone in a contest between two World Of Sport experts has been added to the EVOLVE 46 live iPPV this Saturday.

July 7th: EVOLVE 45 on Friday in Ybor City, FL will now feature Andrew Everett vs. Gary Jay of The Submission Squad. Jay is a very unique competitor who is hungry for this shot in EVOLVE. Both men need a win to establish themselves here.

July 7th: We are excited to extend the “Independents” Day Sale until this Thursday, July 9th, at midnight EST. Check out these amazing deals on DVDs and iPPVs:

-All EVOLVE, WWN, FIP, SHINE, DGUSA & ACW VODs at WWNLive.com On Demand are only $9.99 each! This gives you unlimited access to watch as many times as you want at 33% off!

-All EVOLVE , SHINE, DGUSA & PWG DVDs only $10 each in the DGUSA.tv Store including the latest PWG releases!

-All DGUSA, EVOLVE, FIP & SHINE Gear is 50% off in the DGUSA.tv Store (does not include pro shop).

-All prices are already discounted so no codes or rebates are needed. No adjustments made on prior orders. Act now, this sale ends at Thursday, July 9th at midnight EST.

July 7th: Email Help@DGUSA.tv if you have any questions on the above offers or need any type of help. Thank you for all your support.

July 7th: We hope you enjoyed today’s WWN Alerts. Thanks for taking some time to read it. Make sure to check out the free videos we just released. What do you think of the videos and announcements? Tweet using hashtag #WWNLive and let us know! Thank you!