Ring of Honor is said to be looking to sign its top talent to new deals that will keep them working other independent dates according to a report by Dave Meltzer. Talent in ROH is signed to either a regular deal, or an exclusive deal, with ROH getting first priority and approval on what independent dates talent work in both cases. The exclusive deal is said to have a better pay agreement for talent and allows them to work three other independent dates per month. Under the new deals ROH is looking to sign its top talent to, it would prevent them from working other independent dates, including companies like Pro Wrestling Guerrilla in California, unless its something set up by the ROH offices themselves.

PWG is included due to the fact that matches at PWG are said to be more taxing on the body and that a few ROH wrestlers are said to have gotten hurt at PWG shows this year, but kept their injuries quiet. ROH is looking to protect their talent from being injured on non-ROH shows, as well as put all focus on talent that is contracted to the company with the idea that fans can only see them on ROH shows. 

Source: The Wrestling Observer Newsletter