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THE ROAD TO FINAL BATTLE is running straight through Charm City! It’s always a night to remember when Ring of Honor returns to Baltimore, and November 22nd will be no different. Our television cameras will be there filming all the action for ROH TV! This is the best professional wrestling on the planet…and on November 22nd we highlight the best tag team wrestling out there! It’s time for TAG WARS 2014!

TAG WARS is a unique single night tournament where ANY of the teams entered can end the evening as the ROH Tag Team Champions! Six contender teams will be entered. The first round consists of 3 tag matches as these six teams are pitted against each other. The three advancing teams will go on to the finals: a four-way elimination tag with reDRagon standing in the fourth corner. And the titles WILL be on the line!


FOX 45’s own TRAFFIC JAM JIMMY will be kicking off our Baltimore event! Jimmy is known for his roving traffic reports where he gets right into the thick of things and chats with construction workers about what’s happening in Baltimore. And he’s a HUGE fan of Ring of Honor! On Noevember 22nd, he’s going to be in the corner of QT MARSHALL when QT takes on the mysterious, amorous ROMANTIC TOUCH!

The Romantic Touch is known for his…less than conventional offensive strategies, implementing gyrations and bouquets of roses into his matches. But Traffic Jam Jimmy is a pretty unique character of his own! QT Marshall vs. The Romantic Touch will open the night on November 22nd, so don’t be late!


In professional wrestling, sometimes it’s all about who you associate yourself with. The right mentor can guide you to success though instilling values like humility and perseverance. Brutal Bob and Caprice Coleman are two of the most admired veterans in the ROH locker room for exactly this reason. They strive to pass on the wisdom they’re gained over the years to the younger generation in a POSTIVE, uplifting way.

We’ve seen how “Brutal Burgers” has grown as a team, with Bob guiding young Cheeseburger along the way. Caprice has teamed and aided other promising athletes, most notably Cedric Alexander. Now on November 22nd, Coleman gains a new partner in ROH DOJO standout (and current thorn in The Decade’s side) WILL FERRARA! These two teams are obviously hoping to learn from each other and bring out the best in their opponents. This match really epitomizes the HONOR in Ring of Honor!

Plus…MOOSE will be in Action!!!



The current ROH World TV Champion partners with his hired muscle, ROH’s former head of security, J. Diesel. Diesel has sworn his loyalty to Truth Martini (and shown he’s not above a little extra compensation for that “loyalty”). We haven’t seen a whole lot of J. Diesel when it comes to in-ring competition, but what he’s show so far has been vicious! If the House of Truth wants to put the world on notice that they are also a force in the tag scene, this is certainly the night to do it. But it won’t come easy. This brand new team faces a difficult test if they want to advance – record holding former ROH Tag Team Champions THE BRISCOES!


These two groups have had their problems and now they’re set to compete in the opening round of TAG WARS! Only one team can advance to the finals. The Decade has been extremely vocal in saying that guys like Daniels and Kazarian shouldn’t be able to walk right into title opportunities. Meanwhile, The Addiction are more than willing to fight for those title matches and they’ll definitely have the chance on November 22nd!


This is a match that already has “show stealer” written all over it! The Young Bucks have established themselves perhaps as the most entertaining team in wrestling today – and they back up all their showboating with skill. But standing opposite of them will be a brand new team that seems a completely natural fit: MATT SYDAL & ACH! These four men are world renowned for their seemingly impossible athleticism. Only ROH is bringing them all together in one ring, and you need to be there live to see this!

– Hanson vs. Elgin

The team of WAR MACHINE swears that when Rowe is healed, they’ll pick right back up where they left off. And Raymond Rowe continues to support Hanson, like in San Antonio – in Rowe’s adopted state of Texas – when he came out to congratulate Hanson after his win. But he was followed by the unscheduled, unwelcome appearance of MICHAEL ELGIN! Elgin had personally enlisted War Machine as his chosen enforcers – but since losing the ROH World Title, it seems like Elgin is looking to blame anyone and everyone from his past.

And that apparently includes berating War Machine for what Elgin perceives as their failures toward him. He even attempted to pit the two partners against each other. But in the end, Elgin’s unlucky cameraman was laid to waste and the former champion escaped War Machine’s wrath. At least, temporarily.

But due to the fallout from GLORY BY HONOR, Hanson and Elgin WILL face each other in an ROH ring! Maybe pointed to this match as a future battle, perhaps even for the World Title! But Elgin’s new “me against the world” attitude has provoked the giant, and now he’ll take on Hanson LIVE in Baltimore! On November 22nd we might have to reinforce the ring for ELGIN VS. HANSON!


In addition to this one night tag title tournament, we’ve signed a HUGE Ring of Honor return. BRIAN KENDRICK will be in Baltimore on November 22! And at TAG WARS, he’s taking on a former ROH champion…ADAM COLE!

Adam Cole wants “his” ROH World Title back from Jay Briscoe – no doubt about that. But his focus on the champion hasn’t stopped him from having show stealing matches against whomever lines up to face him. Like him or not, Adam Cole is an amazing athlete and turning into the leader of this generation of professional wrestlers.

Still, while most athletes would be humble enough to accept that mantle with gratitude, Adam Cole believes it’s owed to him. He is THE face of Ring of Honor – obviously. And he’s not about to lie down from some “weirdo” relic from the past like Brian Kendrick.

But the last time we saw Brian Kendrick in ROH, he seemed far from ancient. His athleticism and innovation is right at home in Ring of Honor – with some people saying he looks better than ever! If Adam Cole underestimates Kendrick thanks to arrogance, he’s making a mistake. Kendrick’s personality and style might be a bit out there, but his experience and ability are no joke.

ADAM COLE vs BRIAN KENDRICK plus a one night only tag tournament – with THREE teams still waiting to be announced! Ring of Honor is THE place to be for top level tag team wrestling and November 22nd will be no different. Don’t miss out on TAG WARS 2014! For tickets to be there live, click HERE.

– Tommaso Ciampa vs. Cedric Alexander: NO DISQUALIFICATION

Tommaso Ciampa has always been a loose cannon. Be it in the ring, on the microphone, or even in the locker room – he has the nickname of “psychopath” for a reason. No one is ever 100% certain what Ciampa will do next. And this was never more evident than just a few months ago, when Ciampa went on a rampage that resulted in his immediate suspension from ROH.

That night, after failing to win the ROH title, Tommaso Ciampa unleashed his fury on a number of ring crew members, ROH officials, and even Kevin Kelly. After drilling ROH ring announcer Bobby Cruise in the head and nearly ending his career with a severe concussion, Ciampa was immediate suspended from Ring of Honor. He’s since been reinstated under what Nigel McGuinness calls a “zero tolerance” policy. And if he violates it by touching another ROH official, he’s gone for good.

While thus far Tommaso has been adhering to the specifics required by Nigel, he’s still erratic and unstable. And recently that rage has been taken out on Cedric Alexander. First, unconfirmed reports strongly indicate it was Ciampa who took out Cedric before the Honor Rumble, snagging a spot for himself. But there’s nothing in question about what just went down on ROH TV.

The one-on-one encounter between Ciampa and Alexander ended in huge controversy and Nigel McGuinness himself had to step in. Originally, the official awarded the match to Ciampa on a submission victory when Cedric was unable to respond after three opportunities. However, the reason Alexander was knocked out? Not the submission – but he was choked out by Ciampa’s illegal use of the tag rope while the official was incapacitated. Nigel, of course, witnessed this and stepped in to reverse the decision on Cedric’s behalf.

But today we can confirm this rivalry WILL continue at TAG WARS in Baltimore on November 22nd! It’s just been signed: Tommaso Ciampa vs. Cedric Alexander – NO DISQUALIFICATION!

Clearly, Ciampa intends to skirt the rules whenever he sees fit. But Cedric Alexander has proven himself to be competitive and honorable – and that can be a disadvantage when your opponent is willing to use illegal tactics. Now at TAG WARS virtually anything goes, so the playing field is wide open. This is going to be brutal!

THE ROAD TO FINAL BATTLE: TAG WARS hits Charm City on November 22nd and need to be there! This is our last ROH event before FINAL BATTLE and features a one night ROH tag team tournament WITH the titles on the line! Plus all of the action will be filmed for television.

Don’t miss out on TAG WARS 2014! For tickets to be there live, click HERE.

Ring Of Honor Wrestling Presents:

William J. Myers Pavilion
4300 West Bay Ave.
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Doors open 5:00pm / 6:00 PM bell time.

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Adam Cole vs. Brian Kendrick

No DQ Grudge Match
Tommaso Ciampa vs Cedric Alexander

TAG WARS 2014 will be a single night tournament where six contender teams will be entered. The first round consists of 3 tag matches with the six teams. The three advancing teams will go on to the finals: a 4-way elimination tag with reDRagon (KYLE O’REILLY & BOBBY FISH) for the ROH World Tag Team Championship!

TAG WARS 2014 Qualifier Matches
Matt Sydal & ACH vs The Young Bucks (Nick & Matt Jackson)
Jay Lethal & J. Diesel w/ Truth Martini vs Mark & Jay Briscoe
The Addiction (Christopher Daniels & Frankie Kazarian) vs The Decade (BJ Whitmer & Jimmy Jacobs)

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– Roderick Strong