Thomas Rude sent this in.


Orlando-I Believe in Wrestling at the Team Vision Dojo: Josh Hess pinned Marc Sebire…C.J. O’Doyle pinned Willie Brown…Rhett Giddins pinned Chico Adams…Brandon Scherer & Joey Mayberry defeated Santana Garrett & Gabriel Black…Leo Brien pinned Jason Cade…Lince Dorado pinned Mike Patrick…Chasyn Rance pinned Aaron Epic. (11/15/14)


Bourdonnais-CSW Southland Wrestling at the Legends Sportsplex: Magic Mike Wendorf & Tony Briggs defeated Brad Kevins & Beau Anderson…Tri-State Air Strike (Colin Smith & Chris Miller) defeated Pretty Boy Preston & Kid Twist…Acid Jaz pinned Colin Cambridge…Gino Latino vs. Deuce Tray went to a Time-Limit Draw…Marco Anthony pinned The Lunatic…Steve Boz pinned Ruff Crossing…Hunter Paine pinned Sean Mulligan…Marshe Rockett pinned Al Snow. (11/15/14)

Loves Park-Stateline Pro Wrestling at the Fusion Sports Center: Chris Ames pinned Mason Chops…Marcello Spade pinned Tommaso Ciampa…Seduce & Destroy defeated The Beast & Jack Carpenter…Justice Jones pinned Rhino…Kongo Kong pinned Williams Jacobs…Martyr defeated Sunny Ago by Referee Stoppage…Vic Capri pinned Mikey Wild…Jake Austin defeated The Trouble Makers in a 2-On-1 Match…Sabu defeated Nick Cutler & Ruff Crossing in a No DQ Match. (10/31/14)

Villa Park-GALLI Lucha Libre at the GALL Arena: Pentagono & Alas De Fuego defeated Destructor Alfa & El Payaso GALLI…GPA defeated Will Dolla & Draconis in a Triple Threat Match…2 Hot 4 U (Chico Suave & Encantador Valentino) defeated El Traidor & Atomico…International Assassins (Gavilan & El Kunai Silencio) defeated The Syndicate (Jesus Bryce & Barry Ryte)…La Maldiion (Mojo McQueen & Ovirload) defeated Dark Scorpion & Marshe Rockett. (11/9/14)

Villa Park-GALLI Lucha Libre at the GALLI Arena: Soul Touchaz (Willie Richardson & Marshe Rockett) defeated Beauty & the Beast (Stevie Fierce & Rob Matter)…International Assassins (Gavilan & Kunai Silencio) defeated 2 Hot 4 U (Chico Suave & Encantador Valentino), La Maldiion (Mojo McQueen & Ovirload) and The Four Star Heroes (Matt Kniccks & Chris Castro) in a Fatal Four-Way Match…Furia Rojo pinned Draconis…GPA & Acid Jaz defeated The Syndicate (Barry Ryte & Jesus Bryce)…Team GALLI (Alas De Fuego, Cruz De Angel, Destructor Jr. & Atomico) defeated Team ELLMEX (Blue Inferno, Cuscatleco, Destructor Sr. & Imperio Azteca) in a No-DQ Match…Dark Scorpion & Mason Conrad defeated Mike Anthony & Will Dolla by DQ…Ricky Cruz pinned Discovery. (11/16/14)


Manville-Jersey Championship Wrestling at the VFW Hall: Chris Sabin defeated Brian Myers, Grim Reefer & Bandido Jr. in the J-Cup Qualifier…Joey Janella defeated Jaka, Lance A’noai & Steve Scott in the J-Cup Qualifier…Teddy Hart defeated Shane Strickland, Jigsaw & Frightmare in the J-Cup Qualifier…Chris Dickinson defeated Pinkie Sanchez, Lucky 13 & Sabu in the J-Cup Qualifier…Joey Janella pinned Shane Strickland (replacing Teddy Hart) to advance to the J-Cup Finals…Chris Dickinson pinned Chris Sabin to advance to the J-Cup Finals…Myke Quest & Eric Corvis defeated Cono & Nate Mustang…Chris Dickinson pinned Joey Janella to win the 2014 Jersey J-Cup. (11/14/14)


Delanson-In Your Face Wrestling at the Duanesburg Area Community Center: Vigo won the In Your Face Wrestling Rumble…Maximo Suave pinned Dewey Murray…Fronz Roddy & Bobby Ocean defeated The Savage Wolves (CJ Scott & Damon Ravage)…SGT. Fury pinned Ronnie Ribbs…Elite Terrell pinned Ricky Williams to become the new In Your face Wrestling New Breed Champion…The Rochester Wrecking Crew (Hellcat & Rob Sweet) defeated The Knockout Gang (Jamar Justice & Gabreal Soul) by DQ…Roman Dominguez defeated Shane Douglas by Referee Stoppage…Drake Evans defeated Chip Stetson in a Steel Cage Match. (11/15/14)


Stevens-Atomic Championship Wrestling at the Stevens Fire Department: Ray Torres pinned CJ Cruz…Rob Noxious pinned J-Money…Ryan Sawyer defeated Mark Mest, Malcolm King & Tommy Hourglass…Rebel pinned Officer David Hatfield…Adam Anthrax & Justin McCoy defeated Big Frank & Chi-Town Beast…The Monster Squad defeated The League (Billy Ray & Jimmy Lyon)…The Scarecrow pinned Scotty Jefferys to become the new ACW Cruiserweight Champion…Jason Gotti & Ace Klopinski defeated Pretty in Pink to become the new ACW Tag Team Champions…Oxx Hogg defeated Sabu by DQ. (11/1/14)


Jasper-AIWF Young Blood Wrestling at the YBW Arena: L’l Bink pinned Cra-Z-C…Mikey G pinned Cousin Jed…The Bruise Brothers (R.J. Starr & Bart Marverick) vs. Young&Reckless (Brandon Young & Freddie Reckless) went to a Time-Limit Draw…Adam Powers pinned Maniac…Eric Michael’s, Jason Williams & Marc Slayton defeated Blood-4-Blood (Sinister & Acid) & Thomas Cage in a Six-Man Tag Team Match. (11/1/14)

Jasper-AIWF Young Blood Wrestling at the YBW Arena: Maniac defeated Mikey G & Jason Williams in a 3-Man Elimination Match…Acid pinned L’l Bink…The Bruise Brothers (R.J. Starr & Bart Maverick) defeated Jed & Thomas Cage…Eric Micheal’s pinned Sinister. (11/8/14)

Jasper-AIWF Young Blood Wrestling at the YBW Arena: Jason Williams pinned Cra-Z-C…The Bruise Bros. (R.J. Starr & Bart Maverick) defeated Maniac & L’l Bink…Eric Michael’s pinned Freddy Reckless…Dogs of War (Johnny Pain & Thomas Cage) & Mikey G defeated Blood-4-Blood (Sinister & Acid) & Jed. (11/15/14)

Lewisburg-All Star Wrestling at the House of Pain: Aaron Plague pinned Homie D…Cody Morton defeated Mikey Dunn by DQ…Shane Morton pinned Ray Dunnavant…Larry Cooter pinned Shaun Fatal…Ringmaster & Davvid Morton defeated Jeremiah Plunkett & Shawn Hoodrich. (11/8/14)

Lewisburg-All Star Wrestling at the House of Pain: Aaron Plague defeated Michael Dunn & Ray Dunnavant in a Triple Threat Match…Homie D pinned The Devils Advocate…Shane Morton pinned Mikey Dunn…David & Cody Morton defeated Shaun Fatal & Larry Cooter to become the new ASW Tag Team Champions…Lawrence defeated Shawn Hoodrich by Submission. (11/15/14)


Winnepeg, MB-Canadian Wrestling’s Elite at Rookie’s Sports Bar: Kory Kinkade pinned Stefan Epic…Kevy Chevy pinned Adam Race…Dick Blood pinned Ryan Starr…Billy Blaze pinned Moses Luke…Danny Duggan defeated Bobby Collins in a Bar Room Brawl Match…Dick Blood & Billy Blaze defeated Ryan Starr & Moses Luke. (11/8/14)


Aberdeen-Wrestlezone Wrestling at the Ferryhill Community Centre: Scotty Swift defeated Chris Archer & The Alpha Male in a 2-on-1 Handicap Match…Jackie Polo defeated Lord Alan Sterling & Kaden Garrick in a Triple Threat…The Malystos defeated Los Cystos…Bryan Tucker (representing The Hotshots) defeated Thunder Buddies & Revolution to become the new Wrestlezone Tag Team Champions in a Three-Way Tornado Tag Team Match…Jeeves Winchester pinned Mr. P…Crusher Craib pinned Aspen Faith. (11/1/14)

Colchester-XWA Wrestling at the Liquid & Envy Nightbulb: Sumerian Death Squad defeated Paul Robinson & RJ Singh…Rhia O’Reilly pinned Addy Starr…Doug Williams pinned Brian Kendrick…Nikki Storm pinned Pollyanna…Sam Nayler defeated Jonny Storm & Danny Blaze in a Triple Threat Match…Kay Lee Ray defeated Jimmy Havoc in a Hardcore Match…Damo O’Connor defeated Paul London & Martin Stone in a Triple Threat Match. (11/1/14)

Darlington-Tidal Championship Wrestling at the Dolphin Centre: HT Drake pinned The Dragon…Dave Carbon defeated Perfect Purdie & Robbie Ryder in a Triple Threat Match…El Ligero & Noam Dar defeated The Bucky Boys…Kay Lee Ray defeated Ruby Summers & Nixon Newell in a Triple Threat Match…Sebastian Redclaw pinned Jainus Centurion…Liam Lazarus pinned Mark Andrews…Rampage Brown pinned Stixx. (11/7/14)

Greenock-Premier British Wrestling at the Town Hall: BT Gunn pinned Jack Jester…TJ Rage pinned Wolfgang…Davey Blaze pinned Grado…Kenny Williams defeated Martin Kirby, Lou King Sharp, Sean Maxer, Liam Thomson & Stevie Xavier to win the King of Cruisers 2014…James Scott pinned Noam Dar…El Ligero pinned Rampage Brown. (11/1/14)

Leicester-Leicester Championship Wrestling at the Brockington College: White Tiger pinned T.K. Hawyard…H.C. Dyer pinned Stixx…Jack Starz & Jimmy Meadows defeated The Hunter Bros…Jurgen Heimlich pinned Chris Tyler…Joseph Conners pinned Dan Moloney…Paul Malen pinned Alex Gracie. (11/1/14)

London-British Empire Wrestling at the Tooting Market: Adam Mansfield pinned Layton Cole…Paul McSherry pinned Kyle Ashmore…Jigsaw Joe defeated Paul Barnett & HeadCase in a No DQ/Triple Threat Match…Prime Time Crew defeated The Punked Out. (11/1/14)

London-Progress Wrestling at the Bedford: Eddie Dennis defeated Pantera Negro & Super Oktane in a Triple Threat Match…Darrell Allen pinned Sebastian…Jimmy Havoc pinned Pastor William Eaver…Damon Moser & Jon Ryan defeated Angels of Retribution…Earl Black Jr. pinned Chuck Mambo…Ali Armstrong vs. OMEGA ended in a No-Contest in a Lumberperson Match. (11/2/14)

Mansfield-House of Pain Wrestling at the Forest Town Welfare: Robert X pinned Zak Northern…Sam Wilder pinned Damian Dunne…Matt Myers pinned Barricade…Tyler Bate pinned CJ Banks…LJ Heron vs. Ryan Smile went to a Double Count-Out…Mikey Whiplash pinned Ashton Smith…The Hooligans defeated The Hunter Bros. (11/1/14)

Morecambe-PAID Promotions at the Winter Gardens: El Ligero defeated Damian Dunne, Ryan Smile & Chris Ridgeway in a Fatal Four-Way Match…Cyanide pinned Bubblegum…Dave Mastiff pinned CJ Banks…Viper pinned Kasey Owens…Ricky J. McKenzie defeated Craig Kollins by DQ. (11/2/14)

Newtonhill-Wrestlezone Wrestling at the Bettridge Centre: William Sterling pinned Bryan Tucker…Kaden Garrick pinned Super Executioner…Los Cystos pinned The Malystos…Damien pinned Blue Thunder…Shawn Johnson pinned Johnny Lions…Crusher Craib, Scotty Swift & Mr. P defeated Chris Archer, Aspen Faith & The Alpha Male in a Six-Man Tag Team Match. (11/7/14)

Preston-Preston City Wrestling at the Evoque: Charlie Garrett defeated Rich Swann, Zack Gibson & Tyler Bate in a Four-Way Match…Team Single (Rampage Brown & T-Bone) defeated The Hunter Bros…Bubblegum pinned Martin Kirby…Mad Man Manson & Dave Rayne vs Paul London & Brian Kendrick in a No-Contest…Uhaa Nation pinned Joey Hayes…Noam Dar pinned Charlie Garrett…El Ligero pinned Mad Man Manson…Chris Masters defeated Dave Mastiff by Submission. (10/31/14)

Prestwich-Futureshock Wrestling at the Longfield Suite: Sam Bailey pinned Noah to advance to the 2014 Trophy Tournament…Damon Leigh pinned Dave Rayne to advance to the 2014 Trophy Tournament…Danni Hunter vs. Lana Austin went to a No Contest…T-Bone pinned Mark Massa to advance to the 2014 Trophy Tournament…Cyanide pinned Uhaa Nation to advance to the 2014 Trophy Tournament…Soner Durson defeated Sparxx & Henry T. Grodd in a Triple Threat Match…The Models defeated The Blackpool Blonds…Xander Cooper pinned Jack Gallagher. (11/1/14)


Glasgow-Insane Championship Wrestling at the Barrowlands: Kenny Williams defeated Big Damo, Kid Fite & Joe Hendry in a Four-Way Match…Liam Thomson & Carmel defeated Stevie Boy & Kay Lee Ray in a 2-Out-Of-3 Falls Match…Sumerian Death Squad (Tommy End, Michael Dante & Mikey Whiplash) defeated New Age Kliq (Chris Renfrew, Darkside & Dickie Divers)…BT Gunn vs. Wolfgang went to a Draw…Polo Promotions defeated Paul London & Brian Kendrick to become the new ICW Tag Team Champions…Joe Coffey pinned Noam Dar in a Best-of-Five Series…Sha Samuels pinned Grado…Drew Galloway pinned Jack Jester to become the new ICW Heavyweight Champion. (11/2/14)