House of Hardcore VII iPPV
November 15, 2014
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (former ECW Arena)
Commentators: Vic Travagliante, Matt Striker
Recap by: Stephen Parsons of No Static Radio

Danny Doring vs. Stevie Richards

Match is a good back-and-forth match, primarily dominated by Doring. Doring gets cocky for the last 5 minutes of the match and eventually walks into a Stevie kick for the finish of the match, Richards wins it.

Winner: Stevie Richards

After the match, Richards extends his arm for a handshake of respect. At first Doring ignores Richards, but eventually embraces Richards with a hug as they walk out of the arena together respecting each other.

Vic Travagliante informs the audience that EC3 will be unable to compete tonight against Tommy Dreamer due to a bicep injury, but there will be an opponent for Dreamer tonight.

Christian York vs. Brian Myers (Curt Hawkins)

This match went about 10 minutes or so, the crowd seemed disinterested for most of this match. Eventually a few CM Punk chants surfaced, followed by boos from rest of the crowd. Myers supported his Prince of Queens gimmick. The match ended with an inverted neck breaker from York for the pin fall.

Winner: Christian York

York made a quick exit celebrating his win at House of Hardcore VII, however Myers was not ready to go. He got on the mic and complained he lost due to an illegal neck breaker and a fast count by the official. He stated that he would not leave the ring unless they sent someone else out to the ring.

Out came a man in a suit and tie, recognized by most as former WWE talent Ricardo Rodriguez. He would casually introduce Alberto Del Rio, out came former WWE talent and Mexican star Alberto Del Rio.

Del Rio got a massive ovation by the crowd. Many anti-WWE chants would surface that were not PG friendly. Del Rio would thank the fans, stating that wrestling is his passion and loves to do it every day he can. Eventually Myers would get in Del Rios face, ending with a cross arm breaker to Myers as Del Rio would celebrate with Rodríguez.

“All Good” Anthony Green, Vic Dalishus, Ben “The Beast” Ortiz vs. Team TREMENDOUS (Detective Dan Barry & Detective Bill Carr) & Little Guido Maritato (Nunzio)

Match was a good back and forth six-man tag that featured the ref exchanging moves, hip tosses, and even a moonsault, wigs being ripped from a woman’s head and elbows and leg drops being performed on that wig. Pinfall came when Guido scored a cradle pin following a top rope attack.

Winners: Guido & Team TREMENDOUS

Due to Jigsaw being sick and Davey Richards not being at show due to a paramedic emergency, the card would be shuffled.

Eddie Kingston vs. Eddie Edwards

A very good back-and-forth match, very physical contest between Edwards and Kingston. The match concluded when Edwards took a page out of Lance Storm’s book with a single leg crab. The referee would call this match based on judgment that Kingston could not continue.

Winner: Eddie Edwards via submission

Three way elimination: Alex Reynolds vs. Lance Anoai vs. Tony Nese

The first elimination would be Anoai going out. Nese would close the match with a reverse rana from the top rope to close out the marathon match.

Winner: Tony Nese

Harry Smith and Lance Archer come out to the arena, Smith does most of the talking as he tells the crowd that due to Davey Richards having a stomachache he won’t be here tonight. They say no team wants to face them. Out comes Bubba and D-Von as they issue a challenge for a fight tonight.

Harry Smith and Lance Archer vs. The Dudleyz

The match is what was advertised, a fight. Ending with a table spot and the pinfall.

Winners: The Dudleyz

Austin Aries vs. Drew Galloway (Drew McIntyre)

This match was the first match following the intermission. This was a good back-and-forth match, around 15 to 20 minutes. Aries does a lot of high-risk moves, and gets the pinfall in the end.

Winner: Austin Aries

Both wrestlers get ovations and applause from the crowd as they set up the co-main event.

Tommy Dreamer comes out with Beulah, this match was being billed as the final time Beulah will accompany Dreamer at ringside. As stated earlier Ethan Carter III would be unable to compete due to a bicep injury. Dreamer’s mystery opponent was revealed as current TNA World Champion Bobby Roode. Roode proclaimed how much respect he had for Dreamer, and that he did not care what Dixie Carter thought, but he would put the TNA Title on the line in his match, in an extreme rules match.

TNA World Championship: Extreme Rules Match: Bobby Roode vs. Tommy Dreamer

The match starts with Roode attacking Dreamer as soon as Roode was done speaking, the match goes outside very quickly. Dreamer is thrown into barricade and the match gets very physical. Dreamer eventually gets a chair and used it on Roode. Dreamer puts Roode in the corner for his patented drop kick in the corner with the steel chair after shouting out H-O-H.

Soon after, Velvet Sky would run in and hit Dreamer with a low blow dropping Dreamer immediately. After that, CW Anderson would run in and hit Dreamer with a spinebuster.

Then the Sandman would enter and trade blows with Anderson with Sandman going down by a side kick. Now Spike Dudley would appear, who resembles Walter White now, and would hit Anderson with a running bulldog then leave the ring.

An unidentified woman would enter the ring to deliver a moonsault to Dreamer, he would recover quickly grab her by the hair from behind to deliver a Dreamer piledriver. Dreamer would set up the barbed wire, Roode would counter it to a slam on the barbed wire, enough for the win.

Winner and STILL TNA World Champion: Bobby Roode

Roode would help Dreamer to his feet, showing respect and giving Dreamer the ring. Dreamer got on the mic to embrace his wife Beulah on how much she has meant to him in the ring and in life, also bringing out his 2 twin daughters for a feel good moment.

Main Event: The Hardys vs. Young Bucks

Throughout the night this was talked about a potential match of the year candidate by Travagliante. The match lasted around 30 minutes. The last stage of the match would involve 2 referees being taken out as each team would have secured victory. Eventually Matt Hardy would take the pinfall.

Winners: Young Bucks

Following the match, commentary signs off as the broadcast continues with Matt Hardy on the mic. He says that he and Jeff respect the Young Bucks. They extend their hand, then counter with a kick, but are both met with a superkick from each respective Young Buck. They are ambushed from behind by the Dudleyz and are each given a 3D. From this point on, Bubba talks about Tommy Dreamer putting on such a great show for 7 times now. Dreamer comes out and thanks the fans and everyone in the ring and says he will do what he can to get this on television. The show goes off the air with Sandman’s music and the whole roster coming out to celebrate as they go off the air to send the crowd home happy.