Thomas Rude sent this in.


Piedmont-Pro South Wrestling at the Pro South Arena: Scott Aries pinned Lamar Phillips in a Gold Rush Qualifying Match…Drew Game pinned Charles Zanders…Chris Ganz pinned James Hardy…Ace Haven pinned El Diablo. (4/4/14)


Ellendale-First State Championship Wrestling at the Ellendale Fire Department: Prodigy defeated Skull & Kindred…Brute Force won the Bodyslams for Blake 15-Man Battle Royal Winner…Pitbull Gary Wolf pinned Hoss Hagood…Kacee Carlisle pinned Rebecca Payne…Buddha & Justin Thyme defeated Craziiwolf…Rockin Rebel Army defeated The Gunnaz & BDP…Muddy Waters defeated Sonny Deeds to become the inaugural Indyroundup Heavyweight Champion…Wrestling’s Best Dance Crew & the Funky White Boy defeated Pretty Ugly & Steve C…Eric Chapel pinned Shane Swerve Strickland…Christian York, Scott Dukes & Tito Santana defeated Ryan McBride, Robert Henry & Andrew Anderson. (4/13/14)


Princeton-PES Plays Charity (10 Midwest Promotions) at the Logan Junior High School Gymnasium: Jack Carpenter & Danny McKay defeated Diego Corleone & Cameron Jacobs…Mike Anthony pinned Jay Kross…Anthony Antonelli pinned Grin…Joey Rose pinned Michael Mack…Psychotic Rage (Skruball, Jimmy Blaze & Mitch Blake) defeated Pauly Thomaselli, Brandon Blaze & Hardcore Craig…Dick the Bruiser Jr. & Jose Magnifico defeated Hassan Payne & Ox Baker Jr…Chief Attakullakulla defeated Pretty Boy Floyd by DQ…The Twin Turbos defeated Texas Pete & Barry Ryte…Frankie the ChiTown Hitman defeated The Beast by Knockout…Pretty Boy Floyd won the Rumble for the Kids Battle Royal. (4/12/14)

Villa Park-GALLI Lucha Libre at the GALLI Arena: Mike Matthews defeated Jester Yorick & Matt Knicks…Acid Jaz pinned Encantador Valentino…Destructor Alfa & Ricky Cruz defeated Destructor Sr. & Atomico…El Syndicato (Barry Ryte, Marcus Conrad & Mason Conrad) defeated Golden Dragon, Kuni Silencio & El Rebelde Noriega…Smart Marx (GPA & Joey Marx) defeated 2 Hot 4 U (Chico Suave & D’Angelo Steele)…Mike Anthony defeated Furia Roja by Submission…El Revelion Chicana (Destructor Jr., Traidor & Dark Scorpion) defeated La Maldicion (Punisher 747, Ovirload & Mojo McQueen)…Marshe Rockett pinned Bryce Benjamin. (4/13/14)


Creedmoor-GOUGE Wrestling at the Grandville High School Gym: Mickey Gambino pinned Mr. Huxtable…Seymour Snott pinned Glueteus Maximas…Max Venom pinned T Dawg HG…El Chaco pinned Alas De Angel…Ulrich von Vorse pinned Masked Magician…Trailer Park Head pinned Timmy Lou Retton to become the first Graville County Champion…Mr. Wrestling III (Steve Corino) pinned Josh Powers…Jack Funk Jr. pinned Otto Schwanz. (4/11/14)

Fiquay Varina-GOUGE Wrestling at The Luchadome: Seymour Snott defeated Alas De Angel by DQ…Ulrich von Vorse pinned El Chaco….Josh Powers pinned Timmy Lou Retton…Pop the Klown pinned Mickey Gambino…Seymour Snott pinned Josh Powers…Ulrich von Vorse pinned Popo the Klown…Jimmy Jack Funk pinned Otto Scwhanz…Ulrich von Vorse defeated Seymour Snott by Submission to become the new North Carolina Champion. (4/12/14)

Yanceyville-Pure Pro Wrestling at the Caswell County Parks and Recreation Center: Kyle Styles pinned Jimmy Jannetty…Col. Spud Wade pinned Labron Kozone…The Entourage (Mike Williams & Bodacious Biff) defeated Rolling Thunder & Joey Ford…Scrapyard Dog pinned Court Montgomery…Sinn Crowly pinned The Blue Cyclone…Jennifer Blaze defeated The Great Sisaki & Kacee Carlisle in a Triple Threat Match to become the first Pure Pro Ladies Champion…Jimmy Parker pinned Jimi Love…Jesse Windham, Justin Flash & Ouga Booga defeated Drake Tungsten, Matt Houston & Louis Moore. (4/5/14)


Mansfield-American States Wrestling Alliance at the Eastbrook Center: Sless Taylor pinned Takahasi…Izzy Lambert pinned Robby Starr…Random Pain & Nick Brutal defeated Jimmie Lee & Barry Hardy by Reverse Decision…Kenny Hendrix pinned Papa Dingo…Toby Cline pinned Jock Samson…Kaos pinned Rick Baker…Jeff Cannon pinned Kid Collins. (4/5/14)


Lewisburg-All Star Wrestling at The House of Pain: Curt Nichols pinned Keith Courageous…Lawrence pinned Michael Dunn…Drew Haskins defeated Freakshow by DQ…Shane & Steve Morton defeated The Honeybadgers (Mark & Ray Dunnavant)…Forsaken pinned Jeremiah Plunkett…Mikey Dunn & Yukon Jack defeated Larry Cooter & Brittany Love. (4/12/14)