Thomas Rude sent this in.


River Grove-Chicago Style Wrestling at the Guerin College Prep: Diego Corleone pinned El Magnifico…Carlos Rivera pinned Brad Kevins…Joey Rose pinned The Arc Angel…Tri-State Air Strike (Chris Miller & Colin Smith) defeated The Asylum (Diego Corleone & The Lunatic) due to Outside Interference…Sean Mulligan pinned Willie Richardson…Ruff Crossing pinned Nick Cutler…TJ Steel & Steve Boz defeated Ricky the Janitor & Jason Dukes…Acid Jaz pinned Colin Cambridge…Marshe Rockett pinned Mojo McQueen. (4/4/14)

Villa Park-GALLI Lucha Libre at the GALLI Arena: Soul Touchaz (Marshe Rockett, Willie Richardson & Acid Jaz) defeated Will Dolla & 2 Hot 4 (Chico Suave & D’Angelo Steele)…El Kuni Silencio & El Rebelde Noriega defeated La Maldicion (Punisher 747 & Ovirload)…Mike Anthony pinned Atomico…La Corporacion (Blue Inferno, Dimencia & Destructor Alfa) defeated Destructor Sr., Cruz De Angel & Pentagono)…Barry Ryte defeated Jake Shining in an Open Challenge Match…Smart Marx (GPA & Joey Marx) defeated La Maldicion (Jester Yorick & Mojo McQueen)…Destructor Jr. & Dark Scorpion defeated El Syndicato (Mason Conrad & Bryce Benjamin). (4/6/14)

Woodstock-Premier Pro Wrestling at the Premier Studio: Big J. Knight pinned Chris Classic…The Hellbillies (Cousin Eddie & Outlaw Jay) defeated Texas Pete & Shockwave…Matt Dewar pinned Cutta Crosby…Ron Reeves pinned Matt Vine…Mriko JoeCop pinned Andy Anderson…The Masked Stretcher defeated OCD Bernadino & D’Angelo Steele in a 2-Out-Of-4 Falls Match. Backwoods Brown vs. Michael Mack went to a No-Contest…Milad Akbar defeated Mr. Bank$ by DQ. (4/5/14)


Garden City-Takedown Wrestling Alliance at the TWA Arena: Breyer Wellington pinned Ricky Caurdiea…High Voltage (Keith Calhoun & Scotty Fraytown) defeated the Misfits of Canada (Donny & Darren Moulson)…Movado pinned Mickey Fitz…Chris Moore pinned Rob Frost…Rampage pinned Lance Starr…Danny Shay pinned Lathan Clemens…Chelsea Marie pinned Sexy KC…J. Dogg pinned Owen Travers…Chief Attakulllakulla pinned Willy Watts…High Voltage (Keith Calhoun & Scotty Fraytown) defeated League of Legends (Machine Gun Kelly & Big Gun Abrams) to become the new TWA Tag Team Champions. (3/29/14)


Raleigh-GOUGE Wrestling at the Thrashitorium Rock ‘n’ Wrestling Event at the Maywood: Otto Schwanz pinned Timmy Lou Retton…Seymour Snott pinned Mickey Gambino in a Falls Counts Anywhere Match…Jimmy Jack Funk Jr. defeated Ulrich Von Vorse in a Texas Bullrope Match. (4/3/14)

Williamston-NWA Rage at the Williamston National Guard Army: Beau Crokett pinned Joe Black… Titan pinned BigMC123…Vinnie Vain defeated Shawn Adams…NOS defeated Ron Payne by DQ…Mark James pinned Lee Valiant. (4/5/14)


Canton-Main Event World League at Adventures Landing: Levi Masterson pinned Jackson Kennedy…Scott Owens pinned Ratava…Jesse McCoy pinned Eli Thomas…Chase Aarons & Bouncer defeated Shawn Reznik & Gabriel Shepherd…Ryan Burke pinned Alexander Crowley…Tripp Lee pinned Kenny Hendrix…Glenn Chaney pinned Johnny Gunn. (3/29/14)

Springfield-Dynamic Championship Wrestling at the Springfield VFW Hall: Big Jim Hutchinson pinned Chris Pain…Shawn Draven pinned Brandon Fields…Bruce Grey pinned Duke Beefhammer…Evan Steel defeated Tommy Blaze by DQ…Vandal pinned Brandon James…Mac McPhat pinned Andrew Stryker. (4/5/14)

Zanesville-Southern Championship Wrestling at the Newton Township Fire Department:
Mike Howerton pinned Jake Blakemore…JT Hogg pinned GTD…Tom McClane pinned Scary Garry…The Judge, Spade & Rockin’ Redneck defeated Bobby Watson, Mark Mattox & Paul Harley…Mark Mattox won the Battle Royal for a shot anytime at any title in SCW…Rok Wyler defeated Lockdown in a Brutal Dog Collar Match…Mark Mattox pinned Rok Wyler after cashing in his Battle Royal win to become the new SCW Heavyweight Champ. (4/5/14)


Lewisburg-All Star Wrestling at the House of Pain: Drew Haskins vs Jeremiah Plunkett went to a No-Contest…Mikey Dunn defeated Larry Cotter by DQ…Chris Kern defeated Mark Dunnavant by Reverse Decision…The Untouchables (Jeremiah Plunkett & Drew Haskins) defeated Risque’ Ray & The Ringmaster…The Masked Superstar, Lawrence & Mark Dunnavant defeated Shane, Steve & Cody Morton. (4/5/14)


Westhill, Aberdeenshire-Wrestlezone Scotland at Ashdale Hall: The Hotshots defeated the Thunder Buddies by DQ…Aspen Faith pinned Zach Dynamite…Allan Sterling defeated Cysto by Submission…Crusher Craib pinned James Midas…Damien, Johnny Lions & Chris Archer defeated Scotty Swift, Mr. P & Bingo Ballance. (4/5/14)