Wrestleview.com’s own Josh Boutwell sent this in.

AIWF-SXW “Attitude Adjustment ’14”
Daleville, AL
April 5, 2014
Report by: Josh Boutwell of WrestleView.com

SXW made its return to Daleville, AL on April 05th and opened up with the NEW AIWF World Heavyweight Champion Justin Overstreet being introduced as the new champ. Before he could say much Logan Page came out and proclaimed himself #1 contender for the title and that he deserved the first shot at the belt. “The #1 Stunna” Dark Rage then came out and said since he was the “#1 stunna” he should get the #1 shot. Atlanta, Georgia’s own Raphael King then came out and made his debut in SXW challenging Overstreet to defend the belt against him tonight. King laid out both Page and Rage before Overstreet accepted. After a handshake King attacked the champion and left him laying in the ring sending a message before the Main Event. In a hilarious moment Logan Page was threatening to take a Spiderman doll away from a kid who then proceeded to swing the doll at Page. Page then literally took off in a dead sprint to the back.

-Zane “Epic” Stevens def. Santos
Stevens got the win in a solid back and forth opener. Steven was sporting some Dukes of Hazard inspired trunks.

-AIWF-SXW Tag Team Titles: Nathan Phoenix & Preston Veston III def. Chris & “Big” Ben Brackin (c) to win the titles!
Phoenix and Veston were accompanied to the ring by their “The Faction” teammates in AIWF-SXW U.S. Champion Street Bandit and AWIF-SXW Heavyweight Champion Death Row. After a lot of interference from The Faction Bandit and Death Row were sent to the back. Eventually though Veston & Phoenix’s solid chemistry and double team moves led to their victory and making every member of The Faction now a champion.

After the match The Faction put all of their belts on top of “Big” Ben Brackin and Street Bandit dove off the top with a Guillotine Leg Drop while Phoenix dove off the top with a Diving Splash at the same time.

-AIWF-SXW United States Title 4-Corners Elimination Match: Street Bandit (c) def. Logan Page, Dark Rage, & Nathan Beast to retain the title!
Page was eliminated first after an awkward pin by the referee who was annoying at times. He seemed to be playing a heel referee role too. Rage was then quickly eliminated leaving the popular Beast and hated Street Bandit. After some fun back and forth including a great Bridging Northern Lights Suplex from Bandit and a dive onto Bandit on the floor from Beast, Bandit was able to retain the belt with his usual dubious methods. Bandit grabbed his belt and when the referee took it away from him he quickly grabbed his handcuffs from ringside and blasted Beast with them leading to the pin.

-Handicap Match: Egotastic (Victor Cru & Jimmy Hinder) def. Jon Harley
For some reason Harley is ultra popular with the local crowd, but I just can’t figure it out. He’s slow, barely moves, and seems to be lost in the ring 90% of the time. I’m used to seeing Cru and Hinder as evil, dark characters and now they’re playing egotistical with some weird tendencies to say the least. I definitely like Cru so it was painful seeing him being tossed around the entire match. Cru and Hinder actually got the win after both pinning Harley at the same time while holding the ropes with the heel referee, Chico, ignoring this fact.

-AIWF-SXW Heavyweight Title: Death Row (c) def. Johnny Blade
Death Row actually did some pretty good work on Blade’s left arm the entire match, but Blade channeled John Cena in ignoring this as he hit several power moves near the end including an F5 for the pin. Death Row’s foot was legit on the ropes and another referee came out and pointed this out to restart the match. Death Row then immediately nailed an unsuspecting Blade with a Big Boot to retain the title.

Several babyfaces then came out along with the returning Thomas Shock to keep The Faction from beating Blade down further. Shock challenged Death Row to put his title on the line against him next month and the SXW Commissioner made it official.

-AIWF World Heavyweight Title: Justin Overstreet (c) def. Raphael King to retain the title!
This was 100% the highlight of the night. Two great in-ring performers putting on a hell of a match, going back and forth for much of the match. King showed off his size and power and used to cut off Overstreet’s comebacks. King worked on Overstreet’s back with the Boston Crab repeatedly. He grew more and more frustrated every time Overstreet squirmed out of the hold or kicked out of a pin. This frustration led to a desperation dive off the top rope in which Overstreet caught him in midair with a Spinebuster to retain his title to close out a fun night of action!