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Title tournament and the return of a very popular Weekly Special. Let’s get to it:

March 27th: We want to start out with a series of quickie links for your ordering convenience:

-April 5th EVOLVE 19: Order Tickets and Pre-order Live iPPV
-April 6th Dragon Gate Open The Ultimate Gate: Order Tickets and Pre-order Live iPPV
-April 7th Dragon Gate USA Mercury Rising: Order Tickets and Pre-order Live iPPV

Important Notes: All International ticket orders will be held at will call and shipping will be refunded. All United States ticket orders will be shipping through this Friday. After Friday, they will be held at the door and shipping will be refunded. If you want tix held at the door before Friday email us at Help@DGUSA.tv when you order.

All iPPVs are currently $9.99 for live showing only, $14.99 for live showing & unlimited on demand access and $24.99 for live showing, unlimited on demand access and a DVD of the event. All prices will go up $5 on the day of the show. Pre-order before the day of the show to save money.

March 27th: We have a quickie look at all three lineups at the end of this release.

March 27th: A new tradition will be added to the annual DGUSA Six Man Tag Team Match. To make the match even bigger and more important, the winner of the fall will be entitled to a future title shot of his choice. This can include the new EVOLVE Title, the DGUSA Open The Freedom Gate Title or the DGUSA Open The United Gate Titles. This can create some interesting scenarios. Please note that this will not be like WWE’s Money In The Bank. The title match must be signed in advance and with consent of the champion. This year’s Six Man Tag Team Traditional Match will be on the April 7th DGUSA event. It will pit Open The Freedom Gate Champion Johnny Gargano, Rich Swann & Ricochet vs. CIMA, EITA & CIMA’s Secret Weapon.

March 27th: ATTN: WRESTLERS- there are still a few spots left in the DGUSA Seminar/Tryout on April 7th. This is a very special Seminar/Tryout since CIMA will be the head trainer. This is a very rare opportunity to get in the ring with CIMA. Go here for all the info.

March 27th: Speaking of CIMA, he is not giving us a name as to who his secret weapon is for the DGUSA events on April 6th & 7th. All he will say is “he is very strong.”

March 27th: DGUSA is looking to sign some new talent. The results of WrestleCon will cause roster shake ups. One talent has already signed a contract and will be revealed during WrestleCon weekend. The upcoming Seminar/Tryout will also be a great place to be discovered.

March 27th: The odds are in from Vegas for the EVOLVE Title Tournament on April 5th. They are:

#1 Chuck Taylor – 3-1
#2 Ricochet – 4-1
#3 AR Fox – 7-1
#4 Jon Davis – 8-1
#5 Rich Swann – 10-1
#6 Samuray Del Sol – 10-1
#7 Sami Callihan – 18-1
#8 Jigsaw – 25-1

The byes that Taylor and Ricochet receive in the first round make them both favorites. It’s also interesting to note that Swann and Del Sol have the same odds. Meanwhile, Sami Callihan and Jigsaw are the long shots. Jigsaw at 25-1 is an interesting bet since he is so skilled and is a veteran. Could this be the day of the underdog? Who would you bet on? Tell us on Twitter. Use hashtag #EVOLVETitle please.

March 27th: We want to remind you that the EVOLVE card will end in time for you to get to other events that evening. It is only minutes from the site of all Wrestlemania related activity and five miles from Manhattan. Be there and experience history in person!

March 27th: Last week’s Weekly Special was so popular that we are extending it until this Monday. Here is the skinny:

-All DGUSA 2 Pack Deals are $30 (25% off regular price).
-All DGUSA 3 Pack Deals are $40 (33% off regular price).
-All EVOLVE 2 Pack Deals are $20 (33% off regular price).
-DGUSA Jan. 25th Open The Golden Gate iPPV is $10 (33% off regular price).
-DGUSA Jan. 26th REVOLT! iPPV is $10 (33% off regular price).
-DGUSA Jan. 27th Heat iPPV is $10 (33% off regular price).

Go to the DGUSA.tv Store or WWNLive.com On Demand to order. All prices are already discounted. When you buy one of the DGUSA iPPVs you get unlimited access. You own it! This is a great time to catch up on the latest DGUSA events with WrestleCon just around the corner.

March 27th: Just a reminder that there is a new DGUSA shirt and that the EVOLVE 14 and EVOLVE 15 DVDs up for pre-order in the www.DGUSA.tv Store. We will also have these items at WrestleCon.

March 27th: Thank you for taking a little time to read the WWNLive Alerts. We are always here for all your customer service needs by emailing Help@DGUSA.tv. We are here to serve you. We will close with a reference guide to all three EVOLVE/DGUSA lineups at WrestleCon and this poster like picture of Shingo. The last time we saw Shingo in DGUSA he lost a heartbreaking Open The Freedom Gate Title Match to BxB Hulk at DGUSA’s first iPPV, Bushido: Code Of The Warrior 2010. Can Shingo finally win the DGUSA Title?

EVOLVE 19 – April 5th – 4pm EST. – Secaucus, NJ

Visit www.DGUSA.tv for building and ticket info

EVOLVE Title Tournament:

Bracket A:

First Round Match – Four Way Freestyle
#5 Rich Swann (3-2) vs. #6 Samuray Del Sol (2-3) vs. #7 Sami Callihan (3-7) vs. #8 Jigsaw (1-3)

#1 Chuck Taylor (10-5) vs. Winner Of First Round Match

Bracket B:

First Round Match
#3 AR Fox (7-6) vs. #4 Jon Davis (5-4)

#2 Ricochet (5-2) vs. Winner Of First Round Match

Tournament Finals To Crown The First EVOLVE Champion
Bracket A Winner vs. Bracket B Winner

Non-Tournament Action:

Tag Team Main Event
The Young Bucks vs. The Super Smash Brothers

Special Tag Team Challenge Match
Johnny Gargano & Brian Kendrick vs. Orange Cassidy & Drew Gulak

No DQ Match
Arik Cannon vs. Scott Reed with Caleb Konley, Larry Dallas & Trina Michaels

Plus Uhaa Nation Makes His Return To EVOLVE!!!

Dragon Gate USA – Open The Ultimate Gate – April 6th – 8pm EST. – Secaucus, NJ

Visit www.DGUSA.tv for building and ticket info

Open The Freedom Gate Title Match
Johnny Gargano defends vs. Shingo

Open The United Gate Tag Team Title Match
CIMA & AR Fox defend vs. The Young Bucks

Grudge Match
Samuray Del Sol vs. Jon Davis

Special Attraction Match #1
Akira Tozawa vs. Ricochet

Special Attraction Match #2
Sami Callihan vs. Uhaa Nation

Special Attraction Match #3
Brian Kendrick vs. Rich Swann

Special Tag Team Attraction Match
The Super Smash Brothers vs. EITA & CIMA’s Secret Weapon

Six Way Freestyle
Chuck Taylor vs. Arik Cannon vs. Jigsaw vs. Tony Nese vs. Fire Ant vs. Shane Strickland

Plus: The Scene of Scott Reed & Caleb Konley with Larry Dallas & Trina Michaels

Dragon Gate USA – Mercury Rising – April 7th – 1pm EST. – Secaucus, NJ

Visit www.DGUSA.tv for building and ticket info

Main Event #1 – The Six Man Tradition Continues
CIMA, EITA & CIMA’s Secret Weapon vs. Johnny Gargano, Rich Swann & Ricochet

Main Event #2 – As Good As It Gets
Shingo vs. Akira Tozawa

Ladders Are Legal High-Flyers FRAY!
-It starts with two participants, another enters every 2 minutes
-Eliminations can take place anytime by pinfall, submission or DQ
-Ladders will be legal when every participants has entered the match
The Participants Are (in random order): Matt Jackson, Nick Jackson, AR Fox, Samuray Del Sol,
Uhaa Nation, Christina Von Eerie, Facade

Special Challenge Match
Brian Kendrick vs. Chuck Taylor

Tag Team Attraction Match
The Super Smash Brothers vs. Sami Callihan & Arik Cannon

Special Attraction Match
Tony Nese vs. Soldier Ant

Plus: Jon Davis, The Scene of Scott Reed & Caleb Konley with Larry Dallas & Trina Michaels, others!


CHIKARA sent this in.

t’s only 1 1/2 weeks until WrestleCon!!! As we get closer we have news of a huge new stipulation that will be an annual thing, the odds of each competitor winning the EVOLVE All of CHIKARA’s Finest Ready for WrestleCon on April 6th!

During the first weekend of April the entire wrestling world will descend upon the New York/New Jersey area and CHIKARA will take part in the massive, multi-promotional WrestleCon weekend! Saturday, April 6th at the Meadowlands Expo Center we bring to you “The Shoulder of Pallas.” At 4:00 p.m., all your favorite CHIKARA stars (and a few surprises!) will come together to deliver a loaded card of mega-matches as only we can! Season 12 marches on after an explosive weekend in Florida, and in Secaucus, NJ the action will only get hotter! Get your tickets today!

1) Who Will Be the Grand Champion of CHIKARA?
-In a recent blog by our Director of Fun, Wink Vavasseur, he made a proclamation that may change the landscape of CHIKARA for the foreseeable future. At every CHIKARA event the Grand Championship must now be defended! Current Grand Champion Eddie Kingston will make that title defense against another Gen1 CHIKARA original, Hallowicked. Will Kingston hold on to his precious championship, or will Hallowicked be the one to end Kingston’s record-breaking reign? Waiting in the wings for the winner of this match up is an anxious Green Ant, who challenges the winner in May.

2) How Do You Prepare for the Unknown?
-At “The Shoulder of Pallas,” Mike Quackenbush will try and keep his opponents guessing up until the very last second with an unknown tag-team partner. Who will Quack pick to face off against the thorns in his side, Jigsaw and The Shard? Will Quackenbush choose a former tag-team partner of his? Will he debut a new Wrestle Factor trainee? No combination has been able to defeat the self-proclaimed “dream team” of Jigsaw and The Shard…yet.

3) The Inevitable Clash!
-Ophidian has been haunted by Amasis at every turn, dating back to late in Season 11. Now, the clash that was bound to occur will happen at WrestleCon! These two former teammates (as The Osirian Portal) will tangle in Amasis’ return to a CHIKARA ring. Will Ophidian exorcise Amasis and his past, or will Amasis earn a measure of revenge against the man that tried to end his career?

4) Points In Play!
-One of CHIKARA’s most exciting matches has always been the 4-Corner Elimination Tag Team Match, and we’ll bring just that to “The Shoulder of Pallas.” Points will be in play and there is a chance that one team walks away with an automatic title shot at the prestigious Campeonatos de Parejas! The first two teams have been announced for this elimination match! The Devastation Corporation (Max Smashmaster & Blaster McMassive) will look to get back on track after their title shot in Florida, while The Throwbacks (Dasher Hatfield & “Mr. Touchdown” Mark Angelosetti) will just look to be on the same page.

5) A Score to Settle!
-The first two rounds of Archibald Peck vs. Tim Donst have ended in disqualification. At WrestleCon will we have a definite ending to this bitter Season 12 feud? How will followers of Donst Jakob Hammermeier and Veronica play into this contest as both Peck and Donst will attempt to end this bitter feud with their hand raised in victory.

6) An Awesome ANTomico!
-Director of Fun Wink Vavassuer named Soldier Ant the leader of a mysterious team for CHIKARA’s Florida weekend. The identity of Soldier’s teammates came in the form of The Colony: Xtreme Force. Missile Assault Ant, Arctic Rescue Ant and Orbit Adventure Ant all debuted in Florida and had their first taste of CHIKARA victory. Will Soldier Ant be able to lead his team of The Colony: Xtreme Force to victory against his old teammates of The Colony (Fire Ant, Green Ant, and assailANT) when they join with Frightmare?

7) One on One!
-During the biggest weekend in all of wrestling, the stars will look to shine for “The Intergalactic Luchadora” Saturyne, as she takes on Kobald of the Batiri. These two met twice last season, once in tag action and once in singles action, with one victory to each competitor. Now, at “The Shoulder of Pallas” both will look to settle the score once and for all!

8) Returning at WrestleCon!
-It was early in 2013 that UltraMantis Black announced that he had undergone surgery and would be absent from action. Secaucus, NJ will now lay claim as the site for the return of the Great and Devious One! Absent from CHIKARA’s Season 12 thus far, UltraMantis will make his in-ring return at “The Shoulder of Pallas.” His opponent is yet unknown, but it may not matter as Black has deemed his return “The Re-Awakening” of UltraMantis Black.