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Thank you for reading the WWNLive Alerts. We have news on CIMA’s “Secret Weapon” including more matches for WrestleCon, a new Weekly Special plus news on SHINE, FIP and more. We know you’re busy so let’s get to it….

March 6th: We will start out with the official announcement of a loaded www.WWNLive.com live iPPV schedule through WrestleCon, including the first ever live iPPVs from SHIMMER and Kaiju Big Battel. Here is a rundown of the complete live iPPV schedule:

-March 15th: FIP presents Establish Dominance
-March 23rd: SHINE 8
-April 5th: EVOLVE 19
-April 5th: Kaiju Big Battel present Late Fight
-April 6th: SHIMMER 53
-April 6th: Dragon Gate USA presents Open The Ultimate Gate 2013
-April 7th: Dragon Gate USA presents Mercury Rising 2013

Go to www.WWNLive.com now for the start times, pricing options and to pre-order. Remember, many of these iPPVs are cheaper if you pre-order before the day of the show.

Open The Dream Gate Champion CIMA has revealed his team for the six man tag team match at DGUSA Mercury Rising on April 7th at WrestleCon in Secaucus, NJ. Well, sort of. CIMA sent word that this year’s six man tag will be about showcasing the future of Dragon Gate. His first partner will be EITA, who has displayed tremendous potential so far, but is in desperate need of a win. He could solidify himself as one of today’s new stars by capturing the fall in this match. CIMA then stated the third member of his trio would be a “Secret Weapon” who has never been in DGUSA before. He would not reveal anything past that. We now wait for word from Johnny Gargano on who his partners are for April 7th.

March 6th: The Super Smash Brothers vs. EITA & “CIMA’s Secret Weapon” has been signed for DGUSA Open The Ultimate Gate on April 6th at WrestleCon.

March 6th: Tickets for all WrestleCon events are now on sale at www.WrestleCon.com or by calling 267-519-9744.

March 6th: Last weekend was historic for DGUSA stars in Japan. Rich Swann and Uhaa Nation both won the first major titles of their careers at Dragon Gate’s Champion Gate doubleshot in Osaka. Uhaa Nation & BxB Hulk won the Open The Twin Gate Titles from the veteran unit of Masaaki Mochizuki & Don Fuji on March 2nd when Nation scored the biggest pinfall of his life by defeating Mochizuki. The next night saw Rich Swann, Naruki Doi & Shachihoko BOY win the Open The Triangle Titles from Ryo “Jimmy” Saito, Genki Horiguchi H.A.Gee.Mee!! & Mr. Quu Quu Naoki Tanizaki Dolphin when Swann pinned Horiguchi. Both Nation and Swann first got noticed at DGUSA Seminar/Tryouts and are now champions in Japan. We will see Nation and Swann in action at EVOLVE on April 5th as well as DGUSA on April 6th and 7th at WrestleCon.

March 6th: On that note, we do need to plug that the next DGUSA Seminar/Tryout will be on April 7th at WrestleCon before the DGUSA event. Go here for info. The big news is that CIMA will be the head trainer. This is a huge deal since CIMA is the leading decision maker in Japan. This is your chance to get in the ring with the “Dragon Gate Icon” and learn the Dragon Gate system from him. You will receive immediate evaluation and possibly get booked in Japan, DGUSA, EVOLVE and its sister promotions. CIMA has not been the head trainer in a DGUSA Seminar/Tryout in years and he won’t do this again for a long time. This is a rare opportunity to get in the ring with a Dragon Gate legend.

Two title matches have been signed for FIP’s return to live iPPV one week from Friday. Jon Davis will defend the FIP World Heavyweight Title against 2012 Jeff Peterson Memorial Cup winner Samuray Del Sol. In a rematch of the last FIP iPPV, Dos Ben Dejos will defend the FIP Tag Team Titles they won last month against The Scene of Scott Reed & Caleb Konley with Larry Dallas and Trina Michaels.

March 6th: We have a new Weekly Special for you! It’s a little over four weeks until WrestleCon so this is a great time to catch up on some recent DGUSA and EVOLVE shows. We are now offering these iPPVs for just $9.99 each at WWNLive.com On Demand until March 13th:

Miss El Generico? Then Check Out Some Of His Final Indy Matches With The New Weekly Special!

EVOLVE 18: Gargano vs. Callihan – Witness Johnny Gargano and Sami Callihan fight it out for the Open The Freedom Gate Title plus El Generico & Samuray Del Sol vs. The Super Smash Brothers and much more including a mini-tournament with two wins on the line!

DGUSA Freedom Fight 2012 – The main event was voted the DGUSA/EVOLVE Match Of The Year by the fans so you know you are getting your money’s worth in the Four Way Elimination Match for the DGUSA Title pitting Johnny Gargano vs. Akira Tozawa vs. Ricochet vs. AR Fox plus El Generico & Samuray Del Sol vs. Genki Horiguchi & Ryo Saito and more fresh match ups!

DGUSA Uprising 2012 – Tag team action reigns supreme with CIMA & AR Fox defending the DGUSA Tag Team Titles vs. Genki Horiguchi & Ryo Saito and The Super Smash Brothers vs. Ricochet & Rich Swann plus several other great bouts!

DGUSA Fearless 2012 – The Ricochet vs. AR Fox feud heats up in a Respect Match plus Sami Callihan vs. Samuray Del Sol and many other contests including a Captain’s Match!

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March 6th: Santana, Angelina Love & Nikki Roxx will SHINE on nationally syndicated TV program DAYTIME today! DAYTIME is available in over 97 Million homes. Click here to see if DAYTIME is available in your area!

March 6th: We appreciate you taking a few minutes to read the WWNLive Alerts. We are here to serve you. If you need any help, have any questions or want to give us any feedback email Help@DGUSA.tv or use the social network buttons below. Have a great day!


CHIKARA sent these notes in.

The Stage is set for CHIKARA’s Florida Debut this Friday!

Hot on the heels of a seismic Season 12 premiere, CHIKARA heads south for “Just Shadows In The Fog.” Season 12 is already off to a hot start and March will see all your favorite stars will bring some extra heat to the Sunshine State! At all CHIKARA shows – kids 12 and under are admitted free to the event with a paying adult! Here is what we have on tap thus far:

1) For los Campeonatos de Parejas!
-Our newly crowned Campeones will make the first title defense of their second championship reign. In their first reign, 3.0 (Scott “Jagged Parker & Shane Matthews) were dethroned only one month after capturing gold, will history repeat itself in Tampa? 3.0 faces a gigantic (literally!) challenge from super-heavyweights and #1 contenders The Devastation Corporation (Max Smashmaster & Blaster McMassive). Will 3.0’s reign end just as suddenly as it started, or will the reigning champs prove history wrong and come out on top of this title mismatch?

2) King vs. Kong!
-During CHIKARA’s Season 12 premiere weekend reigning Grand Champion Eddie Kingston drew the ire of Director of Fun Wink Vavasseur, stemming from an accidental shove in Reading. In Tampa, just one night before his championship is on the line against Green Ant, Kingston will face one of his most difficult challenges to date: Amazing Kong! Is this challenge a sign of things to come for the champ from the vengeful Director of Fun?

3) Who Are Wink’s Unknown Soldiers?
-Direct of Fun Wink Vavasseur recently appointed Soldier Ant as a leader of an unknown team for CHIKARA’s Florida debut. With less than one week left there is still mystery over who the DoF will choose to team with Soldier Ant. In Tampa The Militant Mat Mite will face off against his former Colony teammate Fire Ant along with assailANT, Dasher Hatfield, and Saturyne. Who will Wink choose as Soldier Ant’s mystery teammates, and how will Soldier Ant fare in his new leadership role?

4) For The Young Lions Cup!
-Jakob Hammermeier gets a second chance at the prestigious Young Lions Cup when he takes on “Mr. Touchdown” Mark Angelosetti, in Tampa. Hammermeier lost in the tournament to crown the Young Lions Cup Champion, but will look to rectify that loss by defeating Angelosetti, who has been dominant in his defense of the cup. Jakob will be looking to score the upset, claim the championship, and be the one proclaiming “It’s Good!” on March 8th.

5) First Time Ever!
-CHIKARA Season 11 showed that Sean Waltman still has it, and can hang with the best in the world of professional wrestling. In Tampa, Waltman will face a great challenge when he matches up with recent King of Trios winner Hallowicked, for the first time ever!

6) Four Corner Elimination Tag Match!
-Four teams will tangle to gain precious points toward the prestigious Campeonatos de Parejas. In this four team elimination tag match, the winning team will have to survive facing not one, not two, but three other teams all at once. Mike Quackenbush and Green Ant, The Batiri (Kobald & Kodama), F.I.S.T. (Icarus & Sugar Dunkerton), and Jigsaw and The Shard, will all tangle for a chance toward CHIKARA tag-team gold.

7) One Year In The Making!
-Johnny Gargano was the reason that Gran Akuma was kicked out of F.I.S.T., now the two have been trading verbal barbs in CHIKARA’s blog section. On March 8th, this bitter war of words will be settled in the ring at “Just Shadows In The Fog.” Gargano claims that F.I.S.T. outgrew Akuma, and Akuma claims he’s the man who made people fear F.I.S.T. Who will come out on top in Tampa, the current F.I.S.T. star, or the former F.I.S.T. castoff?

8) One On One!
-Archibald Peck made his triumphant return to a CHIKARA ring during the Season 12 premiere, and now will take on Obariyon during our Florida debut. Peck settled an old score during the opening weekend in Pennsylvania, now he will try to top the devious and dangerous Obariyon in Tampa.


Grand Championship Title Bout
This Saturday in Orlando!

CHIKARA fans have been clamoring for this one for some time, and now the state of Florida will get their first ever CHIKARA experience! Season 12 is already off to a hot start, and it will only get hotter at “The Watchmaker.” On Saturday, March 9th, all of your favorite CHIKARA stars will be on-hand at the Orlando Downtown Rec Center. At all CHIKARA shows – kids 12 and under are admitted free to the event with a paying adult! Here is what we have in store for you so far:

1) For the Grand Championship!
-Every single challenge to Eddie Kingston and his Grand Championship has been thwarted to date. A new contender has emerged, and Green Ant, looks to rise to the challenge after stunning the world by making Kingston tap out in February. Will Green Ant capture the top honor in CHIKARA or will Kingston triumph over another challenge from the CHIKARA roster?

2) 10-Person Tag Team Match!
-CHIKARA is world renowned for its tag matches, and we’ve got a doozy for you, Orlando! Our current Campeones, 3.0 (Scott “Jagged” Parker & Shane Matthews) will team up in five-on-five tag action with Gran Akuma, Dasher Hatfield, and Saturyne. The team led by the Campeones will square off with Sidney Bakabella’s Devastation Corporation (Max Smashmaster & Blaster McMassive) and 3 members of wrestling’s most dangerous trio F.I.S.T. (Sugar Dunkerton, Icarus, and Johnny Gargano). Non-stop tag-team action awaits fans at “The Watchmaker.”

3) First Time Ever!
-Both competitors got their first taste of action in a CHIKARA ring last season and now assailANT and “Mr. Touchdown” Mark Angelosetti, will square off for the first-time in the ring. Angelosetti has retained his prestigious Young Lions Cup by any means necessary; but faces an assailANT who has gained precious momentum with two early season victories. Can assailANT prevail in singles action, or will Mr. TD proclaim “It’s Good!” over another adversary?

4) Unfinished Business!
-As Season 11 wore down, Jigsaw shocked the world and betrayed old friends and aligned himself with the remnants of the shattered GEKIDO shard. Now, Jigsaw and his new partner, The Shard, are trying to pick up the pieces, dubbing themselves the “dream team” of 2013, while destroying everything in their path. In Orlando Mike Quackenbush and Fire Ant will team up to settle this very personal grudge!

5) Season Premiere Rematch!
-Orlando, Florida is the site of the re-match between the re-instated Archibald Peck and Tim Donst. On a cold afternoon in Easton, Tim Donst abruptly ended their first match-up with a foul, then assaulted Peck after the bell had sounded. Now Archibald Peck is looking to exact some revenge! In Easton, Veronica added a new wrinkle to the tale by seemingly aligning herself with Donst. Will Veronica and Donst’s long-time follower Jakob Hammermeier prevent Peck from carrying out his revenge?

6) What does the Director of Fun have in Store for Orlando?
-During Season 12’s premiere weekend Soldier Ant visibly showed his frustration at being forced to team with deviANT. Subsequently Director of Fun Wink Vavasseur addressed Soldier ant in the ring with. Wink was going to remove Soldier from the Swarm and put him into a position of leadership! Now, at “The Watchmaker, “The Militant Mat Mite” will get a chance to lead a team of Wink’s choosing against Ophidian and The Batiri (Obariyon, Kodama, and Kobald.) Soldier Ant will look to prove the Director of Fun’s trust in him correct; while Wink guarantees that him and Soldier Ant “are going to sell a lot of t-shirts together.”

7) One on One!
-Jakob Hammermeier started season 12 off with a huge upset of Gen1 original Gran Akuma in Easton. At “The Watchmaker” Jakob has a chance to topple an opponent that his mentor, Tim Donst, was never able to beat in Hallowicked. By the time Jakob gets to Orlando, he may already be Young Lions Cup champion – can he outdo his pal Donst and topple Hallowicked as well?

8) Showcasing The Stars of QWEST!
-On March 9th, the stars of QWEST will put on a showcase for CHIKARA’s Orlando debut! Who will walk with a victorious smile on their face when Eddie Graves and Oliver Grimsly tangle at the Orlando Downtown Rec. Center?