Latest episode of the “Being the Elite” series

In the video seen above, the latest episode of the Bullet Club’s “Being the Elite” YouTube series was released on Tuesday and features the following.

* Hangman Page frames Arrow’s Stephen Amell in the murder investigation of Joey Ryan

* Another installment of “Marty and Flip Take Japan”

* SoCal Uncensored continues to hate all non-Southern California cities

* Jay Lethal looks to find out what is wrong with him

* Brandi Rhodes looks to activate “Plan B” to ensure that Flip Gordon is “ALL IN”

* Kenny Omega reflects on the good times with The Young Bucks before Dominion and finally opens their package they sent to him

Punishment Martinez segment

ROH posted a weird segment involving Punishment Martinez appearing on Caprice Coleman’s interview segment, “Coleman’s Pulpit” on Tuesday that can be seen below.