ROH Supercard of Honor XII Results

ROH Supercard of Honor XII Results
April 7, 2018
New Orleans, Louisiana (UNO Lakefront Arena)
Commentary: Ian Riccaboni, Colt Cabana
Results by: Jason Namako of

During the pre-show, Kelly Klein and Sumie Sakai advanced to the Finals of the Women of Honor title tournament, defeating Mayu Iwutani and Tenille Dashwood, respectively.

Chuckie T. vs. Jonathan Gresham

Real good technical wrestling from Gresham early. After some chops, Chuckie takes control. Gresham comes back, but overshots Chuckie on a suicida and lands bad on the outside. Chuckie takes back control and shares a hug with his best friend, Baretta. Gresham comes back again and begins utilizing his submissions. Chuckie responds with Soul Food, but Gresham with a DDT for 2. Chuckie then surprises Gresham with an inside cradle for the win.

Winner: Chuckie T. by pinfall (Inside cradle)

Punishment Martinez vs. Tomohiro Ishii

Punishment has an elaborate entrance, coming out of a coffin and wearing a skull mask. Punishment using size and power to wear down Ishii early. Ishii responds by unloading with hard shots on Punishment. Punishment then comes back with his dive over the post outside, followed by the step-up flip dive onto Ishii! Top Rope Heel Kick by Punishment for 2. Ishii fires back, but Punishment with a Super Rana for a close 2. Ishii avoids a Curb Stomp and hits a German, followed by the Delayed Superplex for a close 2. Both men exchange hard strikes for nearfalls, then Punishment hits South of Heaven for the win.

Winner: Punishment Martinez by pinfall (South of Heaven)

Hangman Page vs. Kota Ibushi

They go back-and-forth early, playing “Can you top this?”. Ibushi gains the advantage, but Page comes back with a Draping Neckbreaker on the apron. Page takes control. Ibushi fires back with his rapid-fire strikes, standing moonsault for 2. Page stops the Golden Triangle, but Ibushi avoids the Apron Shooting Star Shoulderblock. Page leaps to the barricade, but Ibushi leaps with him and hits a release German to the floor! Ibushi then follows with the Golden Triangle! Page responds with a Package Tombstone for a close 2! Ibushi blocks the Rite of Passage and hits a Pele, then Page counters an Apron Piledriver with a back body drop, followed by an Orihara Moonsault outside! Back in, Page hits the Buckshot Lariat for a close 2. Ibushi again blocks Rite of Passage, exchange of nearfalls, then Ibushi with a Deadlift German for 2. Exchange of strikes, Ibushi dares Page to hit him harder. Ibushi with slaps, but Page with a rolling elbow. Ibushi with a head kick, then the Golden Star Bomb for a close 2. Page avoids the Kamagoye, but Ibushi with a German for 2. Ibushi then this time hits Kamagoye for the win.

Winner: Kota Ibushi by pinfall (Kamagoye)

Former WCW and TNA star Daffney is introduced at ringside for the next match.

Women of Honor Title Tournament Finals: Kelly Klein vs. Sumie Sakai

Sakai goes after Klein after an attack during the pre-show. Klein quickly takes control with a release German. Klein takes control, but Sakai makes a comeback, scoring some nearfalls. Klein comes back with a hot-shot. Klein slams Sakai into the barricade, then locks in the End of the Match outside to wear Sakai down. Back in, Klein gets 2. Sakai blocks a Super Fallaway Slam and hits a Sunset Bomb. Klein responds with a Fallaway Slam, but Sakai then with a Fisherman’s Neckbreaker. Sakai goes for a wheelbarrow, but Klein counters with another German. The other Women of Honor come out around the apron to will on Sakai. Exchange of strikes until Klein with a big boot for 2. Northern Lights by Klein for a close 2. Sakai comes back with a Fisherman’s Buster, Klein avoids a Moonsault, but Sakai with a DDT for the win.

Winner and the first Women of Honor Champion: Sumie Sakai by pinfall (DDT)

ROH founder Cary Silkin presents Sakai with the title belt after. Klein is in shock over the loss as her 2-year plus undefeated streak in Women of Honor is over.

ROH 6-Man Tag Team Titles, Ladder Match: SoCal Uncensored (c’s) vs. The Young Bucks and Flip Gordon

Series of dives early by all 6 men. Flip backdropped outside onto Kazarian. Sky ranas Nick off the apron outside, then Matt wipes him out. Series of teases on the ladder until Kazarian with a TKO to Flip off the ladder. More back-and-forth from all 6.

(Issues with FITE stream at this point, missed a few minutes of action)

When back, The Bucks wipe out Kazarian and Sky with splashes off the top rope through tables outside. Matt hits Daniels with his weight belt to stop him on the ladder, but Daniels pushes Matt off and through a table outside
Daniels grabs the belts to retain the titles.

Winners and STILL ROH 6-Man Tag Champions: SoCal Uncensored

The Kingdom attack SoCal Uncensored after and run off with the title belts.

Intermission time, showing matches filmed before the show.

ROH Tag Team Titles: The Briscoes (c’s) vs. Hiroshi Tanahashi and Jay Lethal

Lethal and Jay Briscoe go back-and-forth early. Lethal avoids Mark coming in and tags in Tanahashi. They go back and-forth, Tanahashi mocks Mark’s Redneck Kung Fu, then hits a Dragon Screw. Tanahashi gains a couple nearfalls, Lethal comes in and hits a Macho Man-style Double Sledge off the top. Lethal hits his dropkick combo for 2. Jay comes in and the Briscoes double-team Lethal, knock down Tanahashi and take control. Briscoes work over Lethal for a lengthy period until Lethal comes back, then Tanahashi holds Jay so Lethal can wipe him out with a suicida! Tanahashi comes in and works over Jay, taking control for his team now. Lethal unloads with shots to Jay, but then the Briscoes cut off Tanahashi and regain control. Tanahashi finally comes back with the Slingblade to Mark. Lethal off the hot tag, Lethal Combination to Jay. Jay counters Hail to the King with a roll-up for 2. Cutter by Lethal for a close 2. Figure Four applied, Tanahashi sends Mark outside, but Mark stops the High Fly Flow and breaks up the submission with the Froggy Bow. Mark with the Urnangi Suplex and a Fisherman’s Buster on Lethal, but Tanahashi breaks up the pin. Tanahashi takes out Jay with a plancha, Lethal Injection by Lethal to Mark for a close 2. Briscoes break up a Doomsday Device, then Jay counters the Lethal Injection with a German. Briscoes hit the Doomsday Device on Lethal to retain the titles.

Winners and STILL ROH Tag Team Champions: The Briscoes by pinfall (Doomsday Device)

ROH TV Title, Last Man Standing Match: Kenny King (c) vs. Silas Young

(Had more internet issues here throughout the match)

When returned, King with a side slam to Silas onto the top turnbuckle, followed by a Blockbuster off the apron to the floor. Silas takes control, working over King with a trash can. Lid shot by Silas to the head, then to the back. Silas avoids a chairshot, then King missile dropkicks the chair back into SIlas’s face. Royal Flush by King onto the trash can. Beer City Bruiser runs in to interfere, but King lays him out with trash can shots. Silas grabs a ladder outside, but King puts him onto it with a belly-to-belly. King then hits a Shooting Star Press off the top putting Silas through the table outside! King tries to get up, but is zip-tied by the Bruiser, who was under the ring. Silas gets up by 10 and wins the title.

Winner and NEW ROH TV Champion: Silas Young

Silas and Bruiser attack King until Aries runs down to make the save.

A quick segment is shown of #ROH Enforcer Bully Ray and Cheeseburger def. The Dawgs on the pre-show. Then, Bully turns on Cheeseburger with a Chokeslam and runs down the young generation on a promo, name-calling Will Ospreay and Ricochet. ROH COO Joe Koff comes down and Bully runs him down on the mic. Flip Gordon comes out and Bully threatens to piledrive Cheeseburger and shut the show down. Koff tells Flip to get off the apron as Bully continues to threaten him. Bully puts on his WWE Hall of Fame ring and powerbombs Cheeseburger, then runs off as Flip comes in.

Cody Rhodes w/Brandi Rhodes and Bernard the Business Bear vs. Kenny Omega

Cody comes out with an eye patch and flanked by a police escort. Omega takes control early, but is tripped up by Bernard. Omega takes out Bernard with a baseball slide, but it allows Cody to wipe out Omega with a suicida! Omega fights back, but Cody with a Crash Landing suplex. Cody takes control, but feigns hitting Shattered Dreams and flips off the crowd. Cody with a snap slam for 2. Omega fights back, but Cody counters a rana with a powerbomb. American Deathlock locked in, but Omega gets the ropes. Brandi gets a cheap shot in and Cody continues to work on the leg. Ref catches Cody going for a foreign object, but as he puts it away, Cody with a low blow to Omega. Ref is with Cody, allowing Brandi to get more cheap shots in outside. Cody with a slam outside, but Omega fights back. Cody sends Omega off a chair, then gets into it with fans in the front row. Cody slaps Omega, who responds with some of his own. Cody with the Drop-Down Uppercut, then rolls through a crossbody for 2. Omega makes a comeback, hitting the You Can’t Escape Finlay Roll, but Cody gets knees up off the moonsault. Omega comes back with a rana sending Cody outside. Omega with the Rise of the Terminator flip dive wiping out Cody. Omega hits the Kotaro Krusher and Aoi Shodou. Omega goes for Goodbye and Goodnight, but Cody blocks it. Omega with a V-Trigger and a Snap Dragon. Another Snap Dragon, but Cody blocks a third and hits Beautiful Disaster for 2. Omega avoids CrossRhodes and hits an enziguri, followed by another V-Trigger. Cody avoids the One Winged Angel and locks Omega in the Figure Four. Ref counts Omega’s shoulders down for 2. Omega tries to reverse, but Cody blocks it. They exchange strikes while in the hold until Omega finally reverses, Cody quickly gets to the ropes. Cody with a Dragon Screw in the ropes, then pulls out a table. They fight on the apron, then Omega blocks CrossRhodes off the apron. Cody tries for a piledriver, but Omega blocks it and hits a Snap Dragon on the apron. Cody then comes back by gourdbustering Omega ribs-first across the side of the table! Cody clears the ringside table and sets that up now. Back in, Cody with a springboard dropkick and an Alabama Slam for 2. Omega fights back, but Cody with his own Snap Dragon. Omega responds with a V-Trigger and a Reverse Rana. Brandi gets on the apron, Omega avoids CrossRhodes and hits a V-Trigger. Omega goes for another, but Cody moves and Omega hits Brandi, knocking her off the apron and through the table! Omega checks on Brandi, but back in, Cody hits CrossRhodes, but Omega kicks out! Cody can’t believe it! Flip Gordon comes out to help Brandi to the back. They fight on the turnbuckles until Cody hits a Top Rope Superplex. Cody takes off the weight belt and nails Omega with it, but Omega avoids a moonsault. Omega with standing V-Triggers, but Cody shoves the ref in the way and spits at Omega. Another V-Trigger by Omega for a close 2. Omega hits Goodbye and Goodnight, but Cody stops the One Winged Angel and hits a Vertebreaker for a close 2. Cody calls for the end, but Omega blocks CrossRhodes, but Cody sends Omega into the referee. Head-on collision off a double crossbody, both men and the ref are down. The Young Bucks come down and go to hit Cody, then go for Omega, then decide to go for Cody, but Cody ducks and the Bucks double superkick Omega accidentally! CrossRhodes, ref comes to and Cody gets the win.

Winner: Cody Rhodes by pinfall (CrossRhodes)

Main Event for the ROH Title: Dalton Castle (c) w/The Boys vs. Marty Scurll

Both Scurll and Castle come out with new attire and elaborate entrances, including confetti and pyro for Castle. Feeling-out process early. Both exchange flipping each other off, then Marty goes to break the fingers, but Castle blocks it. Marty goes to use the umbrella, but the ref stops him. They exchange strikes until Marty rolls outside to regroup. Back in, Castle with a deadlift gutwrench suplex. Marty comes back with an arm whip takedown, but Castle blocks the Apron Superkick. Castle charges, but Scurll sends him into the ringpost. Back in, Scurll goes after the arm of Castle. Castle fights back, but Scurll keeps control. Scurll then does the Pentagon double wristlock drop to work over Castle’s arms. Castle fights back again, then goes for an Apron German, but Scurll stops it. Castle comes back with a back elbow, a high knee, a biel and a Backdrop Driver. Exploder, but Scurll blocks a German. Scurll goes back to the arm, and sends Castle outside. Castle then grabs Scurll from outside and Deadlift Germans him on the floor! Scurll comes back with an enziguri, but Castle responds with a flying kick that sends Scurll outside. Scurll avoids the swinging rana from the apron, sends Castle into the barricade, then hits a Tornado DDT from off the apron. Scurll with an uppercut and an enziguri back in, but Castle blocks another Tornado DDT, but Scurll counters Bang-a-Rang with a roll-up for 2. Scurll hits the Just Kidding superkick to the knee, but Castle responds with a high knee. Castle with more knee strikes, then tries for a Super Gutwrench Suplex to the floor, but Scurll blocks it. Scurll with a Top Rope Superplex, then hits the Apron Superkick. They brawl to the rampway, with Castle sending Scurll into the barricade. Castle charges, but Scurll backdrops him onto the entrance steps. Back in, Scurll sends Castle hammerlocked into the turnbuckles. Scurll then hits the Ghostbuster for a close 2. They brawl outside again, with Castle fighting back with a big boot. NWA Champion Nick Aldis hands Scurll bolt cutters so Scurll can remove the turnbuckle pad. Scurll goes to send Castle into the exposed buckle, but Castle blocks it. Castle fights back, hitting a clothesline. Castle stomps away at Scurll, then Deadlift Germans him back into the ring for a close 2. Castle goes for a Super German, but Scurll with a low-blow and a superkick. Another basement superkick by Scurll for a super close 2. Scull goes for something outside, but Castle goes after him and sends him into the barricade. Scurll gets a bag of powder, but Castle kicks it back into Scurll. Ref is with Scurll, but Scurll breaks the ref’s fingers, thinking it was Castle! Castle hits the Bang-a-Rang, but the ref can’t count the pin because of his broken fingers. Scurll hits Castle with the umbrella multiple times, as well as the Boys as the ref is getting medical attention. Scurll hits another Ghostbuster, another ref runs in, but Castle kicks out! Scurll goes for the Chickenwing, but Castle saw it coming and hits a back elbow and another suplex. Scurll locks in the Chickenwing, but Castle drives him down to break it. Scurll re-applies the Chickenwing, then breaks his fingers as he tries to reach the ropes. Scurll with repeated stomps to the head, then goes for the Chickenwing again, but Castle counters with a pin attempt for 2. Scurll with another superkick, but Castle catches him with another Bang-a-Rang to retain the title! WOW!

Winner and STILL ROH Champion: Dalton Castle by pinfall (Bang-a-Rang)