Rey Mysterio

Rey Mysterio looks to have suffered some type of torn biceps injury following an appearance for Northeast Wrestling this past Friday night.

Footage was uploaded to Twitter showing Mysterio favoring his left arm/bicep during a tag team match teaming with Flip Gordon against Joey Mercury and Caleb Konley in Waterbury, Connecticut. The Wrestling Observer/Figure Four Online reports that Mysterio is believed to have torn his left bicep, although nothing has been officially confirmed.

Despite the injury, Mysterio was able to setup a double 619 spot and then finish the match with a splash off the top rope by pinning Konley. This injury comes just weeks before Mysterio is scheduled to wrestle in Long Beach for New Japan Pro Wrestling against legend Jushin “Thunder” Liger on March 25 at the Strong Style Evolved event.

The injury also comes just a few days after reports among the wrestling media stated that Mysterio was in serious negotiations with WWE about a full-time return.

You can check out footage of the injury below courtesy of @giano_nico.


  1. Indeed! It’s strange that he left WWE after numerous injuries, stay basically healthy on the indies and as soon as he talks going back he gets injured again – maybe there is something trying to keep him from being in WWE 😉

  2. You mean you think he’s been completely clean on the indies and now considering going back to WWE he started up after already returning smaller and before a deal is even signed?

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