Chris Jericho

Update (7:00 a.m. ET): Omega has accepted Jericho’s challenge and the match is now official for Wrestlekingdom 12 and will be for Omega’s IWGP US Title. will have more from the Power Struggle iPPV later today.


In a major surprise during today’s New Japan Power Struggle iPPV live on New Japan World in Osaka, former WWE star Chris Jericho appeared in a video following Kenny Omega’s successful IWGP US Title defense against Trent Beretta.

Jericho issued a challenge to face Omega in a match at the upcoming Wrestle Kingdom 12 event on January 4, 2018 at the Tokyo Dome.

Jericho and Omega had been going back and forth on Twitter as of late, taking shots at one another back and forth.

With this development, and the fact that Jericho’s upcoming rock and wrestling cruise scheduled for fall 2018 featuring a ROH live event, it appears Jericho is no longer under a WWE contract following his last appearance for the company in July.

This will be Jericho’s first non-WWE match since 1999 prior to his debut with the company, but not his first with New Japan, as Jericho competed for New Japan during the mid-to-late 1990s.


  1. “Hate to be fired and forced to go to the ‘majors’.You guys come off about as cool as Gedo’s haircut & red pajamas. Stay out of our business.”
    HAHA! Truth!! You tell ’em, Kenny!

  2. He actually pitched the cruise to WWE first, but ultimately they didn’t want to do it (it took three months of meetings and then he was told by three “executives” that he had never met they (WWE) were gonna be a no). So he got ROH. I’m sure in his due diligence in putting the project together he got it signed off by the powers that he could do one off matches since it wasn’t actually for another company, it was his (what he hopes will turn out to be) once a year event. It wouldn’t surprise me considering his loyalty and longevity with the company, that things like this are written in to his contract.

  3. He said a while ago that he only signs 3 month contracts at a time, and some appearances are on one-off handshake deals. He isn’t under either a Legend of Performer contract now. his last one ended a while back and he did a one-off for them recently.

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