Matt Hardy

The trademark application that Matt Hardy filed back in March over the “Broken Matt Hardy” trademark was rejected by the United States Patent and Trademark Office.

This news comes just days after Impact Wrestling President Ed Nordholm publicly stated they have full ownership over the “Broken” characters.

Hardy has six months to respond to the refusal by the office.

The following details of the trademark refusal were provided by

“Registration is refused because the applied-for mark, as used on the specimen of record, identifies only the name of a particular character/personal name; it does not function as a service mark to identify and distinguish applicant’s services from those of others and to indicate the source of applicant’s services. The name of a character is registrable as a service mark only where the record shows that it is used in a manner that would be perceived by consumers as identifying the services in addition to identifying the character.”


  1. I somehow am starting to believe that TNA did help to create this a little bit. “Acting weird” isn’t really a gimmick, I mean I can’t say I believe Matt created it all himself.

  2. So no “Broken Brilliance” in WWE. What a damn shame. Not that I ever liked The Hardys turning TNA into the pro wrestling equivalent of the Bugs Bunny/Roadrunner Show with all their Broken nonsense but I hate when corporate bullies like Anthem get their way.

  3. Another reason to not watch WWEvil, I quit watching that crap 3 years ago and I don’t feel like I missed anything important. The Broken gimmick was the best thing to come along in 10 years at least since the CM Punk pipe bomb!

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