Sean Waltman

TMZ Sports spoke with Sean Waltman on Tuesday evening to discuss news of his arrest going public earlier today and being charged with possession of meth and marijuana.

Waltman is claiming the capsules found by customs agents were not meth capsules and instead pills he was taking to treat a yeast infection. He also went so far as to claim that lab tests would 100% prove he is in the right regarding the arrest.

Waltman also admitted that the arrest looked bad to the public given his past and didn’t blame anyone for not believing him. He added that outside of using marijuana, he is drug free and has been living a very healthy lifestyle.

He plugged he would go in more detail on his show on AfterBuzz TV tomorrow.

Waltman also tweeted out the following on Tuesday evening.


  1. I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt XPac but we heard this same bullsh*t from Roid Assner.
    We’ll see.

  2. Ya just don’t get on the watch list cuz your an ex Wrestler….Is eating weed bars being Clean? Maybe in Colorado..something fishy goin on in XPac land.

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