Billy Corgan

NWA President Bruce Tharpe issued the following statement on Facebook on Monday night announcing an agreement in principle with Billy Corgan to acquire the National Wrestling Alliance. Tharpe stated while he isn’t leaving wrestling, he will be taking a step back and allowing Corgan to “take control of this great and noble organization.” had reported on Monday afternoon that Corgan had an agreement in principle to acquire the NWA. Corgan, the former President of TNA Wrestling, has yet to publicly comment on the announcement as of late Monday night.

This marks Corgan’s first move in the wrestling world since his departure from TNA and a legal battle with the company that ultimately lead to Anthem Sports and Entertainment stepping in to pay back his loans and push him out of the company.

You can read the full statement by Tharpe below.


  1. How is the NWA even still a thing? OR even relevant? I always just assumed that the NWA was gone not long after WCW came to be. It’s like those old groups like The Lions Club and The Legionaires… they are still around in name, but what do they do anymore.

  2. Perhaps Billy can change that…maybe not, but maybe so! (I agree tho – I knew it was still around but only hear the name once every 5-6 months so…

  3. Remember, TNA started out as NWA/TNA it never went away after Turner took over WCW back in the day it was still active just independent, NWA Wildside, Midwest, MidSouth, it was quietly and slowly die’ng off!!! Shame, the NWA was great and could have rivaled WWE back in the day but Crockett blew all his cash flow on the flair if you get my hint???

  4. As much as we want to say the NWA are no longer relevant, every major organization that ever existed in N.A. were at one time or another associated with them. AWA & WWE separated from them in the 60’s, WCW came right from the Mid-Atlantic & Georgia territories, Even ECW and TNA were once part of the NWA.

  5. It’s just for the branding. You can have Rinky Dink Wrestling or you can have NWA Rinky Dink Wrestling, using the NWA and it’s history to try and make your promotion seem more respectable. It’s hasn’t counted for shit for a good few years-the last, most prominent era for the NWA was when TNA had the rights to the be titles, but post TNA/NWA split they’ve gone on to mean shit, again.

    Having said that I’ve always wished the NWA had remained strong, and I hope Billy manages to do something with it.

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