Hulk Hogan files another lawsuit against Gawker
Hogan lawsuit against Gawker

According to a report by The New York Post, WWE Hall of Famer Hulk Hogan is filing yet another lawsuit against media website Gawker for allegedly leaking his racist comments last July. Hogan’s lawsuit claim is regarding the leaked sealed court documents to the National Enquirer that quoted him making racists remarks, which resulted in his firing from WWE.

WWE immediately released Hulk Hogan after after comments were made public from a recording back in 2007 that featured Hogan making racist comments about his daughter Brooke’s then boyfriend. Hogan previously won a lawsuit against Gawker back in March where he was awarded $140 million over the release of a sex tape.

The lawsuit notes a loss of income for Hogan after his WWE release:

“His income was cut off, his legacy in entertainment was severely damaged (if not completely destroyed), and his global brand was forever tarnished.”

NYPost: Hulk suing Gawker for allegedly leaking his racist tirade


  1. When it comes crashing down, and it hurts inside…… ya’ gotta take a stand, it don’t help to hide

  2. If you have my friends then you have my pride. I gotta be a man, I can’t let it slide.

  3. Though I disagree with Hogan’s racist comments, I’m glad he’s suing. If everyone had things said in the privacy of their own home used against them, then pretty much every WWE fan would have their “contract” terminated. If there’s one person who has never said a racist comment once in their life…please post….otherwise calm down.

  4. This makes sense. It’s two separate recordings that were leaked so going after them on both recordings make sense. Gawker messed with the wrong old school wrestler, brother!

  5. florida is a all party consent state when it comes to recording a private phone call meaning youy have to inform people that they are being recorded and they have to consent tothat first before you can record them.. so hogan def has a case.

  6. If Hogan wins this one the judge in the case should make it very clear to Gawker that Privacy is the first thing Celebrities want and second if Hogan wins this one the judge should make an example out of Gawker and if he can force them to close there doors and website for good .

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