Jonny Loquasto sent this in.

After his incredible match with Rey Mysterio at the URShow.TV Fight PPV Event in Phoenix this past Sunday, Kurt Angle was a guest on the Wrestling Compadres Slamcast (@WrestlingBuds) this week to discuss that and a number of other topics.

on the URShow.TV Fight Event when he wrestled Rey Mysterio:
“I knew that him and I would have magic. Unfortunately we had someone get involved at the end, and personally I thought it would’ve been better if it was just Rey and I, but I was extremely happy with the match.”

on Jody Highroller aka Riff Raff being on the show:
“I have to admit, that guy, I believe his name is Riff Raff, he’s a talented son of a gun. I was going to suggest that they have him perform, but URShow already had that planned.”

on his final three matches with TNA:
“Drew Galloway and Bobby Lashley , those two alone are the two most physical wrestlers I’ve wrestled since Brock Lesnar. And Bobby Roode and I had a pure wrestling match, and you just don’t see that much anymore.”

on his creative input with his final three matches in TNA:
“That whole concept we did with the final three matches was my idea. I wanted Lashley to take out the whole locker room and have him face off with the new face of the company, EC III.”

on Shane McMahon vs Undertaker:
“I think it has the ability to steal the show. Shane still has “it” and so does Undertaker.”

on his future and possible reuniting with WWE or TNA:
“I had a great career with WWE, but I won’t say I”m going to return to WWE or TNA. I have to keep my options open and see what the best situation will be in the future. I will be back in one of the two companies, I just don’t know where yet.”

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