Lucha Underground on El Rey Results
July 22, 2015
Boyle Heights, California
Commentators: Matt Striker, Vampiro
Recap by: Jason Namako of

Show opens with video talking about the history of the seven Aztec Medallions and clips of who have six of them so far. We then go to video on the rivalries between Cage and The Mack and Texano Jr. & Blue Demon Jr.

We go to Dario Cueto’s office where he is with Big Ryck. Cueto says that lately, they haven’t been on the same page. Cueto notes that Ryck was the first guy he signed to a big contract and he had big plans for him, but lately, Ryck has been blinded by Daivari’s money. I want you out of his shadow and back in my spotlight. Cueto shows Ryck the final Aztec Medallion to be awarded tonight and says that tonight, he will finally what power those medallions hold. So what is more important to you, money or power? Ryck looks at the medallion, then says why choose, when I can have them both. Cueto hands Ryck a wad of cash and Ryck puffs at his cigar and says that he’s glad that he and Cueto finally see eye-to-eye before walking off.

We go inside the Temple where commentary welcomes us to the show, noting that for the first time, Lucha Underground Champion Prince Puma will speak tonight.

Texano Jr. def. Johnny Mundo by DQ after The Crew interfered, laying out Texano with the kendo stick to the leg. Mundo & The Crew attack Texano afterwards until Alberto El Patron runs out to make the save. Mundo flees the ring, while Alberto lays waste to the Crew, then Texano gets some shots in with his bullrope. Past rivals Alberto & Texano notice each other in the ring and stare each other down before Alberto leaves to celebrate in the crowd.

We go back to Dario Cueto’s office where he is with Hernandez. Cueto says that he isn’t a fan of galleries or museums and I’m sure you’re not, either. Cueto says he is adding an extra week to Ultima Lucha that will start next week before the 2-hour special and Hernandez is gonna be a big part of the event. It will be Hernandez vs. Drago, the score will finally be settled, but it won’t be just any match. Hernandez asks if it will be a strap match, Cueto says not exactly. Cueto says he has gotten a lot of tweets from the fans, seems the believers in the Temple, they hate you. Hernandez says that the feeling is mutual. Cueto says that it gave him an idea. From the very first day, I said that my Temple is open to anyone, so why don’t we give the people a chance to get in on the action. I’m gonna surround the ring with these fans, giving them all a leather belt and if you or Drago gets thrown to the outside, well, they have my permission to let you have it. I call it the “Believers Backlash.” Hernandez says he hopes Cueto has insurance (takes a swig of beer) because if any of these people try and hit me, I will paint the canvas red with their blood. Cueto says that sounds like a masterpiece.

The Mack def. Cage by pinfall with a Sunset Flip. Afterwards, Cage attacks Mack from behind. They begin brawling around ringside, also laying waste to referees and attendants who are trying to break it up. They brawl all the way up the Temple steps until referees finally keep them back.

Dario Cueto comes out of his office and to ringside, yelling at Cage & Mack to hold up. Cueto says that if they wanna fight so bad, he is gonna find anything and everything that I can find in my Sacred temple laying around, dump it all around ringside and I’m gonna let you two use it all to rip each other apart. Now, Ultima Lucha was supposed to be in 2 weeks, but next week, we’ll start Ultima Lucha. Ultima Lucha is so big that we are gonna need 2 weeks. And we are kicking off with The Mack and Cage in a Falls Count Anywhere Match. And for those you who want to know what these Aztec Medallions, I will tell you now.

Cueto says that for weeks, luchadores have been fighting for these Medallions, so its time to tell the world just how powerful these Medallions really are. Together, these seven Aztec Medallions make up what I like to call, the Gift of the Gods. Cueto reveals a title belt in an encasing that is made up of the seven Aztec Medallions. Cueto says that the Gift of the Gods is a prize like no other, the Luchadore who holds this unique belt is guaranteed a Lucha Underground Title match whenever they want. But, obviously there is a twist. I like to promote my matches, so there will be no “cash this in whenever you want”. No, when you want to turn in the Gift of the Gods for a title match, you will have to tell me, so I can have a week to promote the match. When you do it, its up to you, but, if you wait too long for your title match, you will have defend the Gift of the Gods, which means that another Luchadore could take the Gift of the Gods from you. Once the Gift of the Gods has been used, the medallions will be re-distributed and the battle for its power begins again. Well, who gets the Gift of the Gods? At Ultima Lucha, we will have a 7-Way match to determine that. To participate in the match, all you need is one of the seven Aztec Medallions. So, everyone who possesses the medallion, join me in my ring.

Out comes the current holders of six of the seven medallions, Jack Evans, Aerostar, King Cuerno, Bengala, Sexy Star and Big Ryck. Cueto says that they must their medallion into the belt to ensure your spot in the match. Evans does, Bengala does, Cuerno does, Aerostar does, Ryck does and finally, Star does. We notice that there is one medallion left as Cueto motions for the other six to leave. Cueto notes that Fenix won the first medallion, but Mil Muertes destroyed him, so he has no choice but to put that medallion back up for grabs tonight. So, we will have a Battle Royal for the last Aztec Medallion. Since this is Lucha Underground, we will improve on the standard Battle Royal. When there are 2 people left in the Battle Royal, you must win by pinfall or submission.

All of a sudden, we see the returning Fenix make his way to the ring. Cueto says that Fenix is a little late, but since I’m feeling generous, how about you enter the battle royal. Fenix nods in agreement. Cueto says good luck and leaves Fenix in the ring with the battle royal about to follow.

Fenix wins the Battle Royal to win back the last Aztec Medallion, last eliminating Marty Martinez by pinfall with a roll-up. Fenix celebrates in the crowd and places the final Medallion inside the Gift of the Gods title belt on the top of the Temple steps.

Commentary runs down the card for the 2-week Ultima Lucha event, beginning next week. On the card is as follows:

* Lucha Underground Title: Prince Puma (c) vs. Mil Muertes w/Katrina
* Lucha Underground Trios Titles: Angelico, Ivelisse & Son of Havoc (c’s) vs. The Disciples of Death w/Katrina
* 7-Way Match for the Gift of the Gods Title: Jack Evans vs. Aerostar vs. Fenix vs. Bengala vs. Big Ryck vs. King Cuerno vs. Sexy Star
* Grudge Match #1: Vampiro vs. Pentagon Jr.
* Grudge Match #2: Alberto El Patron vs. Johnny Mundo
* Grudge Match #3: Texano Jr. vs. Blue Demon Jr.
* Believers Backlash Match (Lumberjack Match with Fans brandishing straps around ringside): Hernandez vs. Drago
* Falls Count Anywhere Match: Cage vs. The Mack

Lucha Underground Champion Prince Puma makes his way to the ring, wearing a new black mask. Puma grabs the mic and is about to speak, but all of a sudden, the music of Mil Muertes hits as he & Katrina make their way on top of the Temple steps. Katrina holds up the Rock of Death as Puma removes his jacket and puts the title out of in front of him, daring Muertes to come down to the ring. Muertes and Katrina start to walk down the Temple steps, when all of a sudden, the Disciples of Death rush in the ring and attack Puma from behind. Puma fights back on the Disciples of Death, laying them out with kicks, ending with a Detonation Kick. Puma again dares Muertes to get in the ring, then lays out the Disciples of Death with a twisting corkscrew plancha outside! Puma again dares Muertes, who finally rushes the ring. Puma & Muertes brawl in the ring, with Puma hitting a series of kicks to knock down Muertes. Puma heads up top and stares at Katrina from the Temple steps, making a throat slash. 630 SENTON TO MUERTES!! Puma then springboard backflips right onto the Aztec symbol in the middle of the Lucha Underground ring, continuing to stare down Katrina. Puma holds up the Lucha Underground Title belt, standing over the fallen Muertes as the show closes.