Lucha Underground on El Rey Results
July 15, 2015
Boyle Heights, California
Commentators: Matt Striker, Vampiro
Recap by: Jason Namako of


Show opens with video highlighting the Sexy Star-Superfly rivalry, the issues between Pentagon Jr. & Vampiro and the story of the seven Aztec medallions.

We go to Dario Cueto’s office with Pentagon Jr. Cueto offers Pentagon one of the Aztec medallions, but Pentagon declines it. Pentagon says that he and his master want to destroy Vampiro. Tonight, he will force Vampiro to accept his challenge to Ultima Lucha. If not, he will show “Ian Hodgkinson” why Pentagon is Cero Miedo. Cueto asks about when the Master will show himself and Pentagon says he will when Pentagon is ready.

Bengala def. Delavar Daivari w/Big Ryck by pinfall to win Aztec Medallion #4 with Chaos Theory after Ryck’s interference backfired.

Vampiro gets in the ring and has a mic. Vampiro talks about what Pentagon did to him last week, when Pentagon’s music hits and he comes out to the ring. Pentagon says he wants a damn answer to his challenge. If Vampiro had no fear, he’d face me at Ultima Lucha. Vampiro says his name was Ian Hodgkinson, but Pentagon yells at him, asking if “IAN” was gonna face him? Vampiro declined, saying Ian Hodgkinson was not gonna face Pentagon at Ultima Lucha, but Vampiro will! Vampiro goozles Pentagon and lays him out with a Chokeslam, then celebrates with the crowd.

We see Sexy Star backstage looking at Superfly’s mask in her purse.

King Cuerno def. Killshot by submission with the Crossbow to win Aztec Medallion #5.

Sexy Star def. Super Fly by submission with La Mistica to win Aztec Medallion #6.

Afterwards, Marty Martinez comes out and says that since the medallion Star won has a moth on it, just like his nickname, he demands to challenge for it so he can bring it back to the ancestors of his tribe.

Sexy Star def. Marty Martinez by submission with La Mistica to retain Aztec Medallion #6.

Commentary runs down the card for Ultima Lucha.

Dario Cueto is in the ring and he calls out Lucha Underground Champion Prince Puma and Mil Muertes for a face-off. Puma comes out, sans Konnan and Muertes comes out, sans Katrina and the Disciples of Death. Cueto begins to talk, when all of a sudden, we see Katrina appear out of nowhere at ringside with the Disciples of Death, brandishing a casket. Katrina sicks the Disciples of Death and Muertes on Puma and they beat him down. Konnan comes out and heads into the ring with his cane and lays out the Disciples of Death with the cane. Muertes then grabs the cane from Konnan and nails him in the ribs with it. Muertes nails Puma in the head with the cane, then holds him down and makes him watch as Katrina nails Konnan in the head with the magic rock of death, then has the Disciples of Death put Konnan in the casket. The Disciples of Death take the casket away, with Konnan inside, then Muertes finally lays out Puma with Straight to Hell. Muertes stands tall over the fallen Puma with the Lucha Underground title belt and Konnan’s cane in both hands as the show closes.