Adam Gacka passed this along.

Weekend Warriors

On June 22nd, we released a test shoot for a new wrestling project, Weekend Warriors, we hope to launch in the coming months.

Essentially, we wanted to see what a wrestling match would look like if we shot it like a ght scene in a movie. Our hope was that the cinematic visual style would make the action more believable, intense, and engaging.

This was the rst time we undertook something like this so we didn’t know what to expect. We were limited by time and had to change our entire shot list on the y. Our original script for the match was very ambitious and although we didn’t capture exactly everything we wanted, the lessons we learned put us in a position to create something that will blow this test out of the water.

Weekend Warriors also has another layer of storytelling that makes it even more unique. It poses the question…

“What if pro wrestlers were real people in the real world?”

Imagine your favortite wrestlers getting into a ght at the grocery store. Imagine them with road rage. Imagine them dealing with the guy everyone hates at the office.

The possibilites are endless.

This element was something we weren’t able to shoot. Time and budget were against us and we couldn’t aord get that part of the story. Regardless we pulled together what funds we had and took a chance on what we believe has a lot of potential.

Now, this is NOT where we ask you to fund our Kickstarter campaign. Our funding to make this is contingent on being able to show that there is a passionate audience. If you are a wrestling fan and want to see this series made, please share it with anyone and everyone.