Lucha Underground on El Rey Results
July 1, 2015
Boyle Heights, California
Commentators: Matt Striker, Vampiro
Recap by: Jason Namako of

Show opens with a look at the Chavo Guerrero-Blue Demon Jr.-Black Lotus-Dario Cueto situation, the rivalry between Delavar Daivari and Texano Jr. and Mil Muertes defeating Drago last week for the right to face Prince Puma for the Lucha Underground Title at Ultima Lucha.

We go to Dario Cueto’s office where Chavo Guerrero is there. Chavo says he is ready for Cueto to honor his final request, a shot at the Lucha Underground Title. Cueto says he can have it tonight, No DQ rules. Chavo brings up Konnan and Cueto says if Konnan interferes, Chavo becomes champion. Chavo says he will fulfill his destiny tonight.

We go inside the Temple as commentary welcomes us to the show. We go to the opening match.

Return Grudge Match: Texano Jr. def. Delavar Daivari w/Big Ryck by pinfall with a Sit-Out Powerbomb after knocking Ryck off the apron with a superkick.

We go to the training room with Prince Puma & Konnan as Puma gets ready for his title defense tonight. Konnan gives a pep talk to Puma, then all of a sudden, the lights flicker and Katrina appears. Katrina says if Puma survives tonight, he’ll need all the help he can get because at Ultima Lucha, Mil Muertes will destroy anyone that stands in-between him and his title. Muertes walks in and stares down Puma. Lights flicker again and Muertes and Katrina disappear. Konnan says to Puma that they are playing mind games and not to let it get into his head.

We go to the locker room as Konnan speaks someone off-camera about Chavo Guerrero, his problems with Mexico and tonight’s match he has with Puma. Konnan says that tonight, its time that Mexico dealt with Chavo.

Grudge Match: Drago def. Hernandez by DQ after Hernandez chokes Drago with a fan’s belt that he grabbed towards the end of the match, accosting the fan.

Afterwards, Hernandez grabs the mic and says that the dumbass fans don’t realize that dragons are not real. Drago is just a man, whose ass I just whooped. And if any fans have a problem with it, come into the ring and I’ll whoop your ass as well.

Backstage, Chavo Guerrero is getting ready for his match with Puma, when all of a sudden, the lights flicker and Katrina appears. Katrina says that if Chavo beats Puma tonight for the title, his celebration will be short-lived because at Ultima Lucha, Mil Muertes will destroy the man that holds the title. Muertes appears, then Chavo says he guesses he will see them both at Ultima Lucha. Chavo walks off as Muertes screams out in anger.

Alberto El Patron def. Marty Martinez by submission with the Rolling Cross Armbreaker.

Afterwards, Alberto grabs the mic and says to Johnny Mundo thank you. I thought we were friends, but when you put me through that window, it was a wake-up call. You woke up the evil side of Alberto El Patron, which was a big mistake, because that side of me is crazy, vicious, ruthless, sadistic and that is coming for you, perro. You tried to disfigure this face, the face that my mother gave me. At Ultima Lucha, I will rip your face off. Messing with me was not just your biggest mistake, but your last mistake, but of course, you already knew that, perro.

Main Event in a No DQ Match for the Lucha Underground Title: Prince Puma (c) w/Konnan def. Chavo Guerrero w/The Crew by pinfall to retain the title with the 630 Senton after Texano Jr. got involved and took care of the Crew and Chavo.

Afterwards, Puma, Konnan and Texano celebrate Puma’s title retention. Texano Jr. grabs the mic and says that Mexico was coming for you and Mexico is right here, vato.

We go to locker room where Chavo is collecting himself, clutching his injured leg, when Blue Demon Jr. walks in. Demon says he doesn’t go after people who are hurt, unlike you, I’m a good person. Chavo asks if Texano is doing Demon’s dirty job since Demon couldn’t beat him. Texano got way more cheers tonight than you ever did, because he is Mexico and you are just some has-been who lives in Miami. Demon attacks Chavo, sends him to the lockers, then goozles him and yells out that he is Mexico. Demon walks off as Chavo has a smile on his face while the show closes.