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Every wrestling fan can agree if there was a list of universally respected and highly regarded pro’s in the wrestling business Bobby Eaton’s name would no doubt be right at the top of the list. Today, presents The Two Man Power Trip of Wrestling being able to talk at length with a true technician and ring general, the man simply known as The Beautiful One. From his classic tag team matches teaming with Dennis Condrey and Stan Lane as part of The Midnight Express to his impressive run as a singles wrestler in various territories throughout the United States, Bobby is a true humble and soft spoken legendary figure in the wrestling business.

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Bobby Eaton on Scaffold Matches and The Road Warriors:

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The Original Midnight Express (Dennis Condrey and Randy Rose) vs. The New Midnight Express (Eaton and Stan Lane) Feud:

As long as Cornette was involved. It was a natural angle. It was a short angle. The main thing was to get Paul E over and Cornette over so they could work together. They didn’t really like each other. That wasn’t the intention to make them big heels and they were probably going to be gone and It didn’t last long anyway. Dennis left shortly after that and then Jack Victory came in. He was a good worker.

The Breakup of The Midnight Express:

Well of course I missed my friend. But Jim Herd and the corporate situation at TBS had enough of the association. I had a contract and I had kids. But I missed him and they understood the situation. I always like teaming with Cornette and whoever was my partner. But mostly I loved working with Corny. We went through a lot of times together and drove thousands of miles just talking about different moves. He came up with all these damn moves and gave them names. I always wondered who could come up with these names.

Coming up with innovative moves and spots:

As far as coming up with moves, I came up with a lot of spots. But it was Cornette and me. We came up with the moves. I’d say what if I held the guy this way and Stan held the guy that way and we would go down the road and go over scenario’s and he would come up with all of the names. We used the flap-jack the most. It was an easy move and it looked the best.

Facing Ric Flair at Clash of the Champions XV for the WCW World Heavyweight Championship:

Flair is one of my favorite guys. That match was a 2 out of 3 falls match but we had a couple of them before to make sure it worked. We did something’s for Saturday Night TV when they had that show and he was a good guy to work for. He is my friend.

Working with Paul Heyman and The Dangerous Alliance:

Just about everything was good working with those guys. They were all good workers. You think about it and it’s not just me saying it but I hope everybody knew about Steve Austin. I always knew that this guy was going to become a star. He needed something, but they just didn’t know what to do with him. TBS just didn’t know what to do. It was a fun time in The Dangerous Alliance. They were four or five and all guys who loved the wrestling business. Rick Rude really loved the wrestling business. We would have four man teams, tag teams or single matches and nobody would go home early. You would have to wait around until the end of the night. Rick Rude and Steamboat had some of the greatest matches that I’ve ever seen.

The War Games 92, The Dangerous Alliance vs. Sting’s Squadron:

I was hurt when he (Larry Zybysko) hit me with the turnbuckle, I was actually really hurt on that. The week before the pay per view I did something at the TBS taping in Atlanta and threw my shoulder out, I think I actually broke my collar bone. So I couldn’t do anything besides the finish of the match and that was hitting me with the turnbuckle. I was sad about that because I couldn’t do anything the whole pay per view. Paul E took me to the Emergency Room that night and I only fell about a foot but I landed wrong and it just broke my collar bone.

Steve Austin praising Bobby Eaton to the next generation of fans on The Steve Austin Podcast:

Well that costs me a couple thousand dollars a month for him to say that (laughs) and it’s nice of him to say that but I wouldn’t go that far. I do love the wrestling business and I tried to do my best to fill the seats the way I was taught. When they (WCW) let Steve Austin go they weren’t doing that great anyway at the time but Steve Austin was working his butt off. They were trying to do something. Who else could we have put the world title on at TBS and who could have been the next world champion? Besides the same ones like Barry Windham and Flair. Steve Austin seemed like a natural one to me.

Joining the Blue Bloods with Lord Steven Regal as The Earl of Eaton:

I loved that. It was one of my favorite times in my career actually. It was so out of character for me and Steve Regal teaming with him was easy, we were buddies anyway and we were both friends. I was so glad, that was probably something that forced me in because that was for Triple H. I remember sitting at TV and they looked at me and I’m sitting there like a dork. It was really one of the best times in my career. Trying to get me proper and dress right. They spent a lot of money on it.

Bobby Eaton also discusses his classic tag team feuds with The Rock N’ Roll Express, The Road Warriors, Winning tag team gold, becoming a trainer at the WCW Power Plant and briefly in OVW, as well as his documentary The Beautiful One