Lucha Underground on El Rey Results
November 5, 2014
Boyle Heights, California
Commentators: Matt Striker, Vampiro
Recap by: Jason Namako of

We see video highlighting what took place on last week’s debut episode.

We go into the Temple where the Crenshaw Crew are already in the ring. Cortes Castro tells the crowd to shut up for a second. Castro says that we aren’t here to play no games, we’re here to beat people up and take their money. There’s only one name that you need to remember and that’s Cortes Castro. Cisco introduces himself. Big Rick says that he is the boss and you all need to shut up and listen. Big Rick introduces himself, then says that Johnny Mundo knew his face, but last week, you found out exactly who I am.

All of a sudden, Mundo runs in and takes down Cisco. Castro goes after Mundo, but Mundo with shots to both him & Cisco. Castro rolls out to the outside as Mundo stands tall in the ring. Castro & Cisco grab chairs while Big Rick watches from the steps. Before the Crenshaw Crew can attack Mundo with chairs, Prince Puma runs out to even the odds. Puma & Mundo hold their ground in the ring, then Dario Cuerto heads out to ringside.

Cuerto says that if you all are gonna beat the hell outta each other, let’s at least make it official. Get me a referee out here because we are going to have a tag team match right now. Referee comes down and we have an impromptu match.

The Crenshaw Crew (Cisco & Cortes Castro) w/Big Rick vs. “The Future of Flight” Prince Puma & “The Wednesday Night Delight” Johnny Mundo

Puma & Castro start. Castro misses a clothesline and Puma hits a backflip headscissors. Cisco in, but misses a clothesline and Puma hits him with a spinning headscissors. Gut kick to Castro by Puma, but Castro with a forearm. Castro off the ropes, but Puma catches him with a dropkick. Puma with a series of right hands, Mundo tags in. Puma with a gut kick, Mundo with a chest kick, then they both hit Castro with sandwich enziguris. Mundo gains a nearfall. Mundo with a stomp to the ribs, but Castro avoids the running basement knee and rolls up Mundo for a nearfall. Basement dropkick by Castro, Cisco tags in. Mundo with a right hand, but Cisco slips out of the Moonlight Drive. Mundo with a leg lariat, followed by the break-dancing legdrop for a nearfall. Mundo with a knee to the ribs of Cisco in the corner. Mundo avoids a corner charge, sending Cisco crashing into the mat. Mundo places Cisco across the apron and hits a kick to the ribs. Back in, slingshot elbow drop by Mundo for a nearfall. Mundo with a knee strike, but Castro with a kick to the back of Mundo from the apron. Mundo with a shot to Castro, then a back elbow to Cisco. Mundo goes for the Flying Chuck, but Castro pulls out his legs from the outside, sending Mundo crashing into the mat. Back senton by Cisco for a nearfall.

Castro in, snapmare by Cisco, followed by a basement dropkick, then Castro with a running leaping kneedrop for a nearfall. Castro pulls at Mundo’s face, then hits a stomp. Back elbow by Castro for a nearfall. Castro pulls at Mundo’s face again, Cisco tags in. Gut kick by Cisco, then stereo back clubs by the Crenshaw Crew. Cisco gains a nearfall. Castro in, Cisco hits a slam, then Castro with an elbow drop. Castro stomps away at Mundo as we see Big Rick smoking a cigar on the steps. Castro with a knee to the back of Mundo, then locks him in a chinlock. Puma wills the crowd behind Mundo. Cisco in, but Mundo goes up & over Castro, avoids a clothesline by Cisco and tags in Puma.

Castro misses a clothesline and Puma with a back elbow to Cisco. Back elbow by Puma to Castro, then a clothesline to Cisco. Flying uppercut by Puma to Castro, but Cisco catches a clothesline. Puma slips out of a double team, then sends Cisco into Castro and hits Castro with a leaping neckbreaker, while at the same time, Castro accidentally DDTs Cisco. Puma gains a nearfall. Cisco avoids a head kick by Puma, but Puma avoids a leg sweep and hits a basement dropkick, followed by a standing shooting star press, but Castro breaks up the pin. Mundo with a right hand to Castro, followed by a running rana. Mundo with a head of steam and goes for a twisting plancha on Castro, but Castro moves out of the way, sending Mundo crashing on the outside. Castro grabs Puma, but Puma fights out with a back elbow. Puma goes off the ropes, but Castro goes off his blind side and nails Puma with a flying kick. Cisco with a leaping neckbreaker on Puma for a nearfall. Cisco calls for the end and the Crenshaw Crew measure Puma for their 3-D style assisted Codebreaker, but before they can hit it, Mundo grabs Castro’s legs and pulls him out to the outside. Sunset Flip by Puma to Cisco for a nearfall. Cisco with a right hand to Puma, but Puma slips out of a back suplex and Mundo blind tags in. Cisco with another right hand to Puma, but Puma goes off Cisco’s blind side and hits a running Ace Crusher. Mundo then hits Cisco with the Moonlight Drive for a nearfall. Mundo can’t believe it! Puma dropkicks Castro off the apron, then gets a head of steam and wipes out Castro with a Foxbury Flop! Mundo goes for Fin de Mundo on Cisco, but Cisco stops him and rolls up Mundo with his feet on the ropes for a nearfall. Cisco with right hands to Mundo in the corner, but Mundo goes up & over him and as he does so, Puma leaps over Mundo and nails Cisco with a hesitation dropkick! Mundo with an enziguri to Castro, then Puma & Mundo go up top on opposite corners.

Stereo 450s by Puma & Mundo on the Crenshaw Crew for the win.

Winners: “The Future of Flight” Prince Puma & “The Wednesday Night Delight” Johnny Mundo by pinfall (Stereo 450 Splashes)

Puma & Mundo celebrate their win, while Big Rick leaves, not happy by what just happened.


Back from commercial, we go backstage where Konnan speaks with Prince Puma. Konnan says he was right about Puma, you are what everyone is talking about, you are Lucha Underground. But you know what, listen up real close to what I’m about to tell you. Johnny Mundo, you need to stay away from him because his fight ain’t your fight and he definitely ain’t your friend. Know this and remember this, in this business, you’ve got one friend and you’re looking at him. Do you understand? Puma nods in understandment and he & Konnan leave.

We see a vignette on Mil Muertes, narrated by his valet, Catrina. Catrina says that for every man, no matter his strength, his ability, his heart, one thing is certain, a thousand deaths are coming. Mil Muertes comes tonight.


Intergender Tag Team Match: Son of Havoc & “The Huntress” Ivelisse vs. “The Mexican Warrior” Chavo Guerrero & Sexy Star

Chavo & Havoc start. Chavo with a snapmare into a chinlock. Side headlock by Chavo, then Havoc runs into a boot. Chavo then pulls at Havoc’s beard. Havoc with a gut kick, a right hand and a chop. Chavo with a gut kick, but Ivelisse nails Chavo in the back from the apron, allowing Havoc to hit Chavo with a running high knee.

Havoc with a chop and another right hand. Ivelisse in, stomps away at Chavo in the corner. Series of chest kicks by Ivelisse to Chavo, but Chavo shoves her down. Havoc nails Chavo from behind, allowing Ivelisse to hit a Capoiera-style kick to Chavo for a nearfall. Ivelisse with a stomp, Havoc tags in. Series of shoulders to the ribs of Chavo by Havoc in the corner. Chavo sidesteps a backdrop attempt and hits a clothesline.

Star in, spinning headscissors to Havoc. Havoc charges, but Star avoids him with a Matrix move, then hits him with a superkick, followed by a big boot. Star off the ropes, but Havoc catches her with a back elbow.

Ivelisse in, stomp to Star, followed by driving the back of her head repeatedly into the mat. Ivelisse makes a cover, but Chavo distracts the ref. Ivelisse rubs the face of Star against the mat. Star fights back, then they exchange strikes, Star gains advantage. Ivelisse comes back with a superkick. Havoc in, stands on the throat of Star. Havoc goes for a standing moonsault, but Star gets her knees up.

Chavo in, 2 clotheslines to Havoc. Rolling Koppo Kick by Chavo to Havoc in the corner, but Ivelisse breaks up the pin. Star comes in, running rana to Ivelisse. Ivelisse fights back with forearms, but Star takes her down and unloads with right hands. Star sends Ivelisse to the outside, then leaps off the apron and wipes her out with a seated senton. Havoc with an enziguri to Chavo, but Chavo comes back with a dropkick. Chavo heads up top and hits Havoc with the Frog Splash.

Star in, wheelbarrow victory roll to Havoc for the win.

Winners: “The Mexican Warrior” Chavo Guerrero & Sexy Star by pinfall (Wheelbarrow Victory Roll)

Chavo & Star celebrate their win afterwards.


Back from commercial, we go backstage where Blue Demon Jr. is getting ready for his match. Catrina walks in from behind Demon. Catrina introduces herself as an associate of Mil Muertes. Catrina says that Mil sends a message and she licks the lips of Demon. Catrina says that is a taste before a thousand deaths. Catrina walks off, while Demon wipes off his mouth.

We see another vignette on Prince Puma, with Konnan giving him instruction. Puma is practicing kicks on a heavy bag, while Konnan yells at him to hit it harder as a way to prove all the people that doubted him wrong. Konnan says he is always scouting for new talent, but when a close friend, someone you all might now says he found the new star for me to train, I never expected that he found him in one of the worst barrios in this country. He found him in a back alley, literally fighting for his life. Normally, my pal would have stepped up to help, but this kid, he didn’t need any help. When I finally saw him in the ring, I knew the kid could fight. When he told me his family name, I knew he was more than just a talented fighter, he came from a special breed. Prince Puma is a direct descent of the fiercest rengande tribe of the Aztecs, revered amongst their allies, feared amongst their enemies. I’m bringing Prince Puma to Lucha Underground because its his calling. His past may be dark, but his future is very bright.


Back from commercial, Blue Demon Jr. is already in the ring for the main event.

Main Event: Blue Demon Jr. vs. “The Man of a Thousand Deaths” Mil Muertes w/Catrina

Muertes attacks Demon from behind as the bell sounds and stomps away at him. Overhand chop by Muertes knocks Demon down. Series of knees between the shoulderblades by Muertes. They go outside where Muertes hits a chop, then sends Demon face-first off the commentary table. Back in, Muertes with a back club, Demon misses a clothesline, but hits an armdrag. Demon avoids 2 right hands by Muertes and hits him with a dropkick. Overhand chop by Demon in the corner, then avoids a corner charge. Demon with a slap, then Catrina gets on the apron and distracts Demon, allowing Muertes to nail him with a slap of his own. Catrina gets a kick in from the apron, then hot-shots Demon across the middle rope while Muertes distracted the ref. Series of chops by Muertes, but he runs into a back elbow and a boot by Demon. Demon with a running bulldog for a nearfall. Demon with a clothesline, then heads up top, but Muertes stops him. Muertes with a backstabber for a nearfall. Muertes goes to the middle rope and leaps off, but Demon gets his boot up. DDT by Demon for a nearfall. More overhand chops by Demon in the corner, followed by a series of slaps. Muertes puts on the brakes after being sent into the corner, then hits Demon with a big right hand. Muertes then hits Demon with a Spear.

Muertes fires up, then takes Demon straight to Hell for the win.

Winner: “The Man of a Thousand Deaths” Mil Muertes by pinfall (Straight to Hell)

Afterwards. Muertes unloads with right hands from the mount on Demon. Catrina hands Muertes something to hit Demon, but Chavo Guerrero runs in with a steel chair to make the save, sending Muertes fleeing from the ring. Demon gets up, but Chavo then nails Demon in the head with a steel chair. Chavo unloads with right hands on Demon as Muertes & Catrina walk off. Referees run into stop Chavo, but he lays them all out with right hands. Chavo continues to nail Demon with right hands, then grabs the chair again. 2 wrestlers run out to help, but Chavo lays them out with chairshots. Chavo with a chairshot to the back of Demon. Sexy Star runs out to try and reason with Chavo, but Chavo then HITS STAR IN THE HEAD WITH THE CHAIR!! Chavo with another chairshot to the back of Demon, then poses over the fallen bodies of Star & Demon in the ring. Medical attendants come out and take Demon away on a stretcher while Chavo sits on the chair in the ring, happy & laughing about what he has done. Before Demon can be taken away, Chavo nails Demon with more right hands while Demon is strapped on the stretcher. Chavo blows a kiss to the fallen Star and leaves the ring. Demon is put into an ambulance and the ambulance speeds off to take Demon to the hospital as the show closes.