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The Rowdy One in His Most Candid Interview EVER!

The closing month of 1983 in WWE saw the arrival of an individual that would go on to set the entire pro wrestling landscape on its head. Roddy Piper’s effect on the largest federation in the world would set up Hogan for his massive championship run, introduce the concept of Wrestlemania, and push TV ratings to the stratosphere. Simply put…Piper helped make it all happen for WWE in the 80s.

Join Roddy for a three and a half hour journey back in time and see how each piece of the puzzle was laid. Roddy, Vince, Hogan, Dave Wolf and others had a vision of what was to come. Now head back to the birth of the boom and hear about it all in the first-person, from one of the all-time greats. Here comes the ‘Pit, MTV, the coconut, and the HOT SCOT himself! All in this edition of the open-ended historical telling of the WWE’s history.

Piper opens up like never before in this show and takes you on a journey with a condor and bravery like no one else. There are 50 Signature Editions available for this release also, so get in FAST!