Kevin John sent this in.

As of 4:20am (est) Wednesday, September 12, 2012 the Unauthorized ECW Documentary hit their goal amount of $23,200 and climbing, this coming 7 days before their deadline was set to expire. The supporters and fans of this project have shown up in a big way for producers John Philapavage and Kevin Kiernan that now ensures production of their fascinating documentary. They thank you! Thanks to all the reporters, journalist, wrestlers, and fans for making this a reality, we couldn’t have done it without you.

You can still get involved and back the new, unbiased, unauthorized ECW documentary on –basically think of Kickstarter as a “pre-order page” where you can score the DVD, poster, tickets to the Philly premiere and after-party, even have the producers and ECW wrestlers come to your private screening party in your home or venue of your choice. Go now, make a pledge and back this documentary.

We re-cut some videos released previously this week to better suit all websites reporting. The content on these clips may –or may not be included in the Unauthorized ECW Documentary, but we wanted to share some of the talent people have requested to see. If you have backed the Kickstarter project you can still see the EXCLUSIVE BACKER ONLY clips that feature THE PUBLIC ENEMY ROCCO ROCK & JOHNNY GRUNGE, HAT GUY, and more at

ECW Talent Lou E Dangerously and ECW Fan Organizer Tony Lewis UNAUTHORIZED ECW:

Joel Gertner and Mikey Whipwreck EXCLUSIVE footage from interviews of UNAUTHORIZED ECW: