Kevin John sent this in.

Here we are just 8 days out from our project deadline for the “UNAUTHORIZED ECW DOCUMENTARY”, hoping that the wrestling Gods will look down on from above and give the nudge needed to get this project fully funded. These video clips that we have been providing are great bonuses of what has been captured on tape, and are just a small taste of a very large film project that when mixed together with pictures, video, and music will bring this unbiased look at ECW to life –the unauthorized story that has yet to be so completely told as producer John Philapavage has set out to release in December 2012. Get to and search “ECW”


Features: Dave Scherer, a wrestling journalist, and owner of, who has a storied history covering Extreme Championship Wrestling. Dave adds some great commentary to his times following ECW.

Mikey Whipwreck, a former ECW championship title holder and crowd favorite underdog sat down to tell his story and run with Extreme Championship Wrestling.

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REMEMBER –when you make a pledge –YOU ARE NOT CHARGED ONE CENT. Your pledge will only be charged only after the deadline of Sept 19th has passed, but most importantly ONLY if we reach our total goal of $23,200. If we do not reach it by 9/19 –no one is charge anything. Please tell someone about this UNAUTHORIZED ECW DOCUMENTARY today. Post it on Facebook, Twitter –wherever you may roam online.

Countdown is 8 days to go, 292 backers, $15,053 pledge, at 64% (just $27 dollars til 65% funded). With your help we can get this 100% funded, and get this film finished being produced, and released December 2012!