Kevin John sent this in.

Please, we need your help! Please help us reach our goal and help get this Unauthorized ECW Documentary produced. We have just 9 days to go to reach the project funding deadline. Remember pick a “gift”, make a pledge –and no one is charged anything unless we hit the goal on Sept 19th! Go to and search “ECW” to view the page.

Here is a great video that we captured producing this Unauthorized ECW Documentary. This clip features a new Dave Meltzer (Wrestling Observer) clip talking about ECW shows and fans, and ECW Talent Joel Gertner. Please enjoy and share the clip.

With just 9 days left, we are 62% funded at $14,512 on the way to our goal of $23,200, with 278 “backers” as of this posting. Meeting our goal amount will allow us to produce the best film we possible can as we have a ton of footage to edit, travel costs, licensing of media of all forms, as well as original music. We will also use the money raised to produce a professional release (REPLICATED DVDS –not dubs or burns), plus there are fees taken out by Kickstarter/Amazon, as well as business and legal expenses. It really is a big project. We love it, but we need your help.

Thanks again for your support.