From Ring of Honor:

Since their debut in ROH at “Glory by Honor IX”, Charlie Haas & Shelton Benjamin…the current reigning ROH World Tag Champions…have only battled once in singles bouts. At “Supercard of Honor XI” on May 21st, Haas entered into battle with Davey Richards while Shelton went one-on-one with Claudio Castagnoli. That night they split the matches, Richards beat Haas while Benjamin pinned Claudio, but neither man has battled in individual competition since. That is about to change…

On Saturday night September 17th in New York City, live on iPPV for “Death Before Dishonor IX”, Wrestling’s Greatest Tag Team will once again do battle in a pair of one-on-one contest!

First Charlie Haas will step into the ring with the powerhouse of the House of Truth, arguably the strongest man on the ROH roster, “Unbreakable” Michael Elgin! Many would claim this is the toughest challenge of Elgin’s ROH career, and while you would be hard pressed to argue the point, the leader of the HoT shared his thoughts on this match via e-mail:

“High pressure situations are the foundation of the teachings in the Book of Truth.” Stated Martini, “Michael Elgin has learned since the first day he came under my guidance to treat every situation as if his life depended on it. Only when you are willing to sacrifice everything can you truly gain anything, and Michael Elgin is a man make sacrifices. Charlie Haas, you are in for the fight of your life in New York City when you step into the ring with Michael Elgin. For all your accomplishments, you have never experienced power like Michael Elgin’s! You have never experienced an indomitable will like Michael Elgin’s! Charlie Haas, you have never experienced an opponent who it truly unbreakable. So sayeth the Truth!”

As for Shelton Benjamin, he will step into the ring with another of the young talents who have broken out in Ring of Honor in the last year, the man who heralds himself as the greatest entertainer in ROH: “The Prodigy” Mike Bennett! Bennett’s fortunes have been mixed in recent months, and as we creep into the last quarter of 2011, Bennett’s promises of making it the “Year Of The Prodigy” may go unfulfilled as championship gold continues to elude him. This is a win Bennett sorely needs if he aims to make his predictions come true:

“Shelton Benjamin is a man with great athletic gifts.” offered Bennett, “Strong, agile, an impressive vertical leap, a great mat technician…honestly I could just as well be talking about myself now that I think about it. See we have a lot in common Shelton. We’ve both gone unappreciated. We are both bigger and better than the people we’re surrounded by on a daily basis. We both have a championship pedigree. But The Prodigy is a man on his way up! I am skyrocketing towards INDIVIDUAL accolades, not relying on a partner for my successes, and sooner rather than later, I will have my name on marquees worldwide. I promised many months ago that 2011 would be my year, that I would hold titles this year, and there is still time to make that a reality. Shelton, all due respect, you’re just going to be a stepping stone to my aspirations. I’m the one the ROH Universe is coming to see after all, even if they don’t want to admit it to themselves.”

Haas vs. Elgin, Benjamin vs. Bennett, “Death Before Dishonor IX”, September 17, 2011 at the Manhattan Center Grand Ballroom in NYC! Get your tickets right here in the ROH Store (, and if you can’t be there live, then order it on GoFightLive iPPV for only $14.99:!