Scott sent this in:

Dodgy UK Promoter rears his head…Well kind of…

Dodgy UK promoter Danny Rodd, who’s 1PW have conned people out of hundreds and thousands of pounds over a collapsed Shawn Michaels appearance, has come out of the black whole he has been living in for the past few weeks.

Out of all the social networks and wrestling communities online, Danny chose to speak via, actually responding to my post. Check it out at He takes no blame whatsoever.

As you will read there, Danny claims to be a victim of a scam, and he is the Lee Harvey Oswald, the patsy, the fall guy, HBK in Montreal, who is going to take the blame and the heat away from the main culprit. I somehow do not believe him.

If Danny is so innocent, why has it taking him so long to respond, why communicate via a smaller website, where only a handful of people go to. He offers no help at all, and lies again, when claiming that he and 1PW have been giving back every form of refund possible. This is just a complete lie as no one I know has received 1p back from dodgy or desperate Danny Rodd.

The lies continue. At the moment I am in the process of trying to claim my money back via HSBC. I suggest to all other people who have been taken in by this fraud that you all do the same, contact your bank and try your best to get your money back.

The police and trading standards have been informed and hopefully Mr. Rodd might find himself behind a Hell In A Cell for a good few years.

Will update with news if and when anything happens. In the meantime Danny Rodd we all wait to see if there is any decency in you.

Thanks to Adam and Wrestleview for being a class act and letting us UK fans spread the word…