In light of some recent comments directed towards the former TNA tag team Generation Me (aka The Young Bucks) regarding the two not shaking hands backstage in TNA and during a recent tryout with WWE, former WCW and WWE star Shane “Hurricane” Helms has written a blog regarding backstage etiquette and a tradition in pro wrestling.

“For those of you that don’t know, there is a tradition among locker rooms, not all, but I’d say a lot, and I’d definitely say in the WWE locker room of shaking hands when you get to the building. You go up to the vets, the other boys, the refs, the girls, just whomever you work with, and politely shake their hand … for no other reason than as a sign of respect. That’s ALL IT IS. It’s not a submissive motion, it doesn’t make you less of a man, it’s not a judgment (although you will be judged if you don’t do it) it’s just a way of saying hello in a polite and respectful manner. And in a locker room (such as WWE) that is inhabited by more than a few veterans and guys who have paved the way for us all, respect is kind of a big deal. And that applies to everyone that works there.”

To read the blog, click here.