Bullying We’re Kickin It sent this in:

“Unite in the Fight…to Knockout BULLYING”


NEW YORK – The Hard Rock Cafe of Times Square, NY is stepping into the ring with the muscle to help eradicate an ever growing epidemic that is plaguing our youth. Thursday October 20th, join WWE Legend Rocky Johnson, UFC Legend Dan Severn, UFC Champion Frank Edgar, Muay Thai Champion Chris Romulo and several others, at the Hard Rock Cafe in Times Square for a partnered event with the powerful campaign that carries the name of an iconic Heavyweight.

The Rocky Marciano/BULLYING…We’re Kickin’ It National Campaign, a unique and aggressive course of action designed to enhance students’ lives by improving the overall school and social climate, ensuring a safe and healthy environment by providing endless programs, scholarships, resources, assistance, guidance and support.

“I am proud and excited to be a part of this incredible campaign and event” ~states legendary WWE Athlete Rocky ‘Soulman’ Johnson, one of the honored guests of the event.

“To go undefeated in this fight, (anti-bullying) campaigns need to be unique, diverse, universal and must be appealing to all students. As a society we need to rally together, set positive examples and unite against negative actions and behaviors.” ~ states Rocky Marciano Jr., “Having the opportunity to partner with the iconic Hard Rock Cafe will allow the campaign to reach countless students and families. The event will be the forum to launch new scholarship programs, an anonymous text reporting program and a student resource fund.”

The event is developing into one of the most powerful, unique and creative affairs with athletic superstars, various acoustic performances by a vast array of musicians, special guest supporters, a Kickin’ It w/Guitar Hero tournament finale, a memorabilia auction, student stories and performances and an exclusive student opportunity: Kickin’ It w/the Hard Rock Collectible Pin Contest!

“As a parent, I am especially proud to be a part of this program to give children a positive environment to give them room to dream and grow.” ~states UFC Hall of Fame Legend Dan ‘the Beast’ Severn

Everyone can be a part of this historic event; performance, sponsorship, advertising and supporter opportunities available, please contact hrevent@werekickinit.org For Event Tickets: WereKickinIt.org

About Us: The BULLYING…We’re Kickin’ It Nat’l Campaign is an aggressive, unique, powerful course of action designed to; reduce bullying behavior, improve the overall school climate and keep the anti-bullying message present throughout the year, ensuring ALL students, K-College, a safe and healthy school experience. The multi-component campaign involves school projects, scholarships, afterschool programs, leadership workshops, parent/guardian groups, student mentors, anonymous text reporting hotline, social media monitoring and support, faculty/administration support and assistance. KI re-enforces and emphasizes traditional/old fashion values, proper mannerisms and etiquette among students while providing the tools to build and balance students self-confidence and self-esteem, offering the access to positive healthy outlets such as: music, art, animal care, dance, health, beauty, fashion and athletics to help students turn negative aggression, feelings, stresses and emotions into positive energy and healthy respectful behavior. www.werekickinit.org ; ###