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She’s traded in her feather duster for a microphone and since then, WCW’s Fifi the Maid from “Flair For The Gold” fame, Wendy Barlow, has been rattling cages all over the wrestling business with her audio show – “Club For The Gold.”. And this week’s hard-hitting show may be the most controversial yet.

Wendy’s 34 minute audio with James Guttman focuses on all the insanity from this year’s NWA Fanfest with stories about the wrestlers, divas, and fans sure to blow your mind including Ole Anderson’s latest target of hatred, Paul Orndorff’s cancer recovery, the ECW Wrestler who claimed he watched her when he was 7 years old, after hours stories from the event, reuniting with Teddy Long, Diamond Dallas Page’s reaction to her, Maria, and more. All this plus talk of Matt Hardy burning more bridges on Twitter, her roles on AMC’s The Walking Dead Season 2, managing Cliff Compton Saturday Night in Homer, Georgia, and tons more. For a full list of topics, head to:
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Just back from the NWA FanFest in Georgia, Wendy “Fifi” Barlow had a ton to talk about. Due to her association with the Flair family – through managing both Ric and his son Reid – Barlow sometimes finds herself in situations where wrestlers she barely knows seem to know her. As she explains to James Guttman and members, the NWA convention had one such star.

“There’s this one person who seems to have a problem with Fifi and I have no idea why. This is just by association with Mr. Nature Boy Ric Flair and he could not stand having me around. And his name is Manny Fernandez. Of course, I had to ask someone because I would not have recognized him.”

Fernandez, another former guest, has a reputation for speaking his mind and did just that when it came to his feelings about Flair and Fifi. When Reid showed up, though, things went to a new level.

“He just could not stop saying things to me. On the same note, here comes Ric’s son, Reid, and what a gentleman he was to basically stand up and tell him to back down or whatever. So then Manny wanted to kill him and that was not a good thing. They had to pull Manny off and send him up to his room for the rest of the night. These people keep these grudges for a long time and then strike out at anybody associated with them. Obviously he has something against – I don’t know – the Nature Boy? Maybe the person who hired me? Dusty Rhodes? I don’t know but he was definitely “raging”.”

Guttman laughs as that’s Manny’s nickname and he often lives up to it. James points out how guys like Fernandez are known for their toughness and never backing down from a fight. He mentions some quotes from the Raging Bull’s interview as examples including thoughts on Paul Jones. Fifi and JG then discuss some others at the show including Ole Anderson and all the positive stories from everything. However, the one negative cloud seemed to follow Wendy around a bit.

“Manny was – I don’t know – a little scary. I just did not feel comfortable walking around alone because of him and that was kind of odd. A lot of wrestlers were really disappointed in him. They were just like, “What is wrong with him?” So yeah. That was interesting. Didn’t expect that. I’m very warm and bubbly and talk to everybody. If you look at my Facebook Fan page, you’ll see all of the pictures I took with a whole bunch of the wrestlers and I love to go up and say hi…but when “Grumpy” comes in and is as mean as you-know-what, it was like “whoa”. All the good energy was sucked out of the room by this negative possum. It was crazy!”

James laughs and says that people like Manny are definitely a dying breed in this business. The tough guy days might be over, but conventions allow fans to meet people like him and experience a time when wrestling was about tough guys who survived just as much through street smarts as business smarts. Barlow and Guttman talk about that and tons more as the show goes on.

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