Brian Fritz sent this in:

Chris Masters finds himself gone from the WWE after being released several weeks ago. But, he is ready to move forward in his career. Brian Fritz of spoke with Chris about his release and how surprised he was, his improvement in the ring, getting past his addiction issues, what is next for him and more.

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Here are several quotes from the interview:

On why he decided not to go to Summerslam:

I had gone to WWE Axxess on Saturday and that was already such an overwhelming day. I couldn’t imagine going to Staples Center and be amongst all that. It would have been nuts.

The reason why he got his release from WWE:

Well, from what I know, they have about 80 guys in developmental right now that they really don’t know what to do with. The specific reason I was given was company restructuring. I don’t worry about that too much. From my perspective, had … Triple H had spoken to me numerous times telling me of Vince’s approval and his approval of the progress I’d been making, talked about what to do with me, a fresh coat of paint as he put it like repackaging type thing. They had also talked about completely taking me off TV for three months. I was just under the impression that even though I was dithering on Superstars that this was going to be my year and I had good things coming.

Being surprised to get the call about his release:

It came out of nowhere. It’s not like the first time. The first time, I take responsibility. I know I messed up. I made some bad decisions. This time, I’d done everything right. I passed my tests, I was clean. I turned my life around completely from my last stint so it was more of a shocker just to hear that it was happening and the actual reason.