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Arda Ocal (@arda_ocal) and Jimmy Korderas (@jimmykorderas) of The Score/Right After Wrestling spoke with former WWE & WCW Cruiserweight champion – Shane Helms. Highlights:

How his last surgery went after his motorcycle accident
“I was in the hospital for maybe a week and I left early. If I was gonna be in pain, I would rather be at home. We (the doctors & I) think I’ll be okay and I’ll be able to return to the ring. I still can’t turn my foot to the 90-degree direction. I still have 4 plates and 23 screws in my foot and the bones and tendons still have to heal and grow with all those long screws and plates before I can get back. But after that and the rest of those surgeries, I should be okay.”

Helms on a recent book offer he received

His love for motorcycles and if he will ever ride one again after his accident

His new iPhone app
“You can take photos with me. Some people take pics of biting my head off or giving me the bird. I just wanna keep the app at 99 cents. People tweeted me to keep it at 99 cents so I wanted to keep it cheap for the fans. I had this idea for such a long time, even when I was in the WWE. But you can’t do anything creative when you’re in the the WWE. If I brought up that idea, they would’ve given it to everybody else but me. There would already probably be a John Cena app, if that was the case.”

Helms on people ‘posing’ as different celebrities to get access to the back dressing room

On ‘Highway to Helms’ and how that will be going in the future

All this plus so much more!

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