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Arda Ocal (@arda_ocal) & Jimmy Korderas (@jimmykorderas) of Right After Wrestling recently spoke with ROH announcer, Kevin Kelly. Here are some highlights:

Kevin on ROH being under the Sinclair group

Does CM Punk bring more attention to ROH after this recent angle
“That would be interesting if our show was already on the air. The first taping airs September 24th. What’s gonna make a difference for ROH is putting out the best quality wrestling show each and every week. Even though ROH pays homage to all of their past champions, such as CM Punk and Samoa Joe and everybody that’s worn the title, it’s nice to see Punk reciprocate that and show respect to us.”

His thoughts on new stars coming up and on WWE Head of Talent Relations – John Laurinaitis
“My hats off to guys like the Kings of Wrestling (Claudio and Chris) who – if they go up to the WWE, they deserve it. But that’s where the job of talent development comes in. ROH must continue to make new stars because there is always a new spot on the roster that needs to be filled. ROH must constantly bring in, look at and develop new stars because going on television brings new horizons for the guys and our company. I’ll give you an example of talent development with John Laurinaitis. I bring Bobby Roode to a camp and I tell John this guy is gonna be great. He says, ‘ahhhh….ahhhh’ in his raspy voice and nothing happened. And that ‘answer’ told me he wanted to make a decision but he was afraid if his decision was going to be the wrong one.”

On the biggest stars in the ROH and who to look out for

Kevin’s thoughts on CM Punk claiming to be the ‘best in the World’
“I love CM Punk. I never met him personally, but when I meet him I will shake his hand and tell him how much I appreciate his talents. But Punk wears a shirt on TV saying he’s ‘the best in the World’. Well he’s not the best in the world until he defeats Davey Richards. Davey Richards is the best wrestler in the World hands down! You could put the Miz at #1 in the PWI 500…and then burn that magazine for printing that. Davey Richards is the best in the World and I defy anybody to argue with me on that. Watch the match with Eddie Edwards. It was a 36-minute perfect match. Not one flaw. He trained for 4-weeks for that match – like a fighter. He’s revolutionizing the business right before our very eyes.”

Kevin has choice words for Michael Cole and his commentary style behind the desk – “he’s a prick!”

All this plus so much more!

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