Shane Helms via his new Tumblr blog:

“Its about 4:30 am and once again Insomnia has unleashed it’s dreadful powers upon me, for which I have little to no defense. My left foot, which I nearly lost (along with my life) in a motorcycle accident on May 5th of this year, and all 4 plates and 23 screws that now reside within it, is alive and on FIRE at the moment! Being in pain every single second of every single day can wear a man, any man, down. Its mentally and physically draining and can easily tap into your spirit as well. It’s easy in moments like this to feel sad and be overwhelmed as waves of depression rear their ugly head. It’d be easy to just take more meds and crawl back into bed. But at these times, I try to realize just how amazingly wonderful my life has been.”

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Insomniactical Musings … Enjoy