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Ex-WWE Wrestler Off the Hook After Controversial Arrest

Former WWE wrestler Shad Gaspard — the guy who was PINNED DOWN by 3 officers in Ohio after allegedly JAYWALKING back in March — will not be prosecuted for resisting arrest … TMZ has learned.

We broke the story … part of the arrest was captured on tape … and Shad — a very large African American gentleman — can be heard screaming, “Why am I being arrested? Because I’m big and I’m black?”

Gaspard was charged for resisting arrest — but according to documents filed in Franklin County Municipal Court this week, the charge has finally been DROPPED. However, he was hit with one lesser charge of obstructing official business and had to pay a fine.

TMZ spoke to Gaspard who tells us he no longer plans to file a lawsuit against the Columbus PD over the arrest … explaining, “I feel that everything has run its course the proper way, and it’s best I move on from this in a positive light.”

He adds, “My only regret is that this incident even happened and I hope that the good police officers in Columbus aren’t judged by the actions of a few bad ones.”