Vinny Montalto sent this in:
RE: The Incredible Noonan Radio Hour w/ Jimmy Noonan

6-Time CruiserWeight Champion, ECW Champion and World Tag Team Champion with Los Guerreros CHAVO GUERRERO in a ONE-HOUR “Ironman” Interview with Former WWE Employee Jimmy Noonan, Tuesday Night [TONIGHT] July 26th at 8pm! Replays all week @

Noonan introduces Chavo.

“Chavo, where were you when Arn Andersen told you you were “Getting the Strap” and about to become ECW Champion”?

Answer: “In catering, of course”!

The infamous 8 second Wrestlemania squash match loss to Kane and the story behind it.

CM Punk being a rebel and the hottest thing in wrestling.

Eddie as “Superman”—-and The Turtle Jockey!

Where is Pepe?

Los Guerreros: “Tagging together was like magic”. Eddie’s comeback in 2002 and how everything changed. “That was our goals as little boys”!

How important it was to the Guerrero Legacy for Eddie to get the belt.

Eddie and Chavo as “Cheat to Win” Heels, only to change rapidly after the filmed vignettes, becoming beloved faces.

“Blowing up” Team Angle one night on purpose!

The day Eddie died. Noonan: “Do you think that Eddie was ready to die”?

What killed Chris Benoit? The texts to Chavo before the murder/suicide. Did Chavo talk to Benoit after he killed his wife?

Kerwin White denouncing his Mexican heritage.

What it is like to be home with family for the first time in 17 years?

JR, Arn, Punk, Angle, Prichard, Edge, Rey, Dreamer, Heymann, Psychosis, Stephanie, Bischoff, Team Angle, HHH, Brock, Cena, Vince, Eddie and Benoit.