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RETURN OF DOI RADIO With Balls Mahoney
LISTEN to this 75 minute interview here:

DOI Radio is proud to announce our return after a 6 year sabbatical. For our return show, we recorded a 75 minute audio show with former WWE/ECW star, Balls Mahoney.

Balls Mahoney is a staple of the northeast independent wrestling scene and one of the more wilder characters in pro wrestling today.

This is an interview that gets very emotional and personal, as Balls Mahoney talks about what led to his break-up with the NWS promotion. Balls has choice words for NWS promoter Joe Panzarino, the promoter who compared him to Casey Anthony. Balls explains the whole situation from his point of view and leaves NWS a message.

Away from his issues with NWS, Balls talks to DOI Radio on a personal level, as he talks about how having his son Christopher, who was named after Balls best friend Chris Candido, has changed his life. Balls talks about how his life will never be the same again and how he’s happy for it. Balls also talks about his prior battles with drug addiction and how his son has made him a stronger person.

Balls also talks about how Vince McMahon loved his character. Away from WWE & ECW talk, Balls talks about the legendary Sabboth vs Goodman feud on the indies, Fight the World Wrestling and how he made that championship mean something, Juggalo Championship Wrestling, Wicked Wrestling Alliance & the newly created Death Match Tournament promotion.

Balls also talks about some of the younger guys breaking out on the scene.

This is a different interview than you’d normally hear, as Balls talks to the DOI on a personal level.

We hope you enjoy this interview from one of the most passionate people in pro wrestling today.

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