Kenny Edwards sent this in:


On Wednesday night, Augut 24th at 10pm the Nat Geo channel will take a huge leap to its many other televised endeavors and present a behind the scenes TV documentary that truly exposes and highlights the many aspects of the pro wrestling community. This documentary will be so unique that it will be the first ever event in Nat Geo’s TV history that will have no background narration to the show…just lots of raw footage.

From the young struggling up and comers to the veterans looking for one more shot at the big time, to the sometimes seedy world of a grunt and groan business for all the world to see. Some of the promotions that will have their protective skin peeled back will be none other than CM Punk’s favorite promotion RIng of Honor and east coast powerhouse National Wrestling Superstars.

This program has all the feel of continuing series as this pilot show might just be the catapult to stardom to some and a possible semi-regular series to come.

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