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Arda Ocal (@Arda_Ocal) and Jimmy Korderas (@JimmyKorderas) of RAW Radio recently spoke with former WWE Tag Team Champion Headbanger Mosh / Chaz (@ChazMosh). Highlights:

What’s the one thing he wish he had done differently in WWE
“I have no regrets. I was fortunate enough to live one of my dreams. The one major thing I wish was done differently was the transition from The Headbangers into Lo-Down. I remember going to a show one day and seeing ‘Lo-Down’ on the board and everybody was like ‘who the hell is Lo-Down’. And Bruce Prichard came up and said I’m now teaming with D-Lo. And then they said they want nothing Headbanger. So I had to take off all the ear-rings. And Bruce said ‘just be Chaz’. And I said ‘well, who the hell is Chaz’? But I really wish we got more time to develop as a team (in Low-Down)”

How did Glen (Headbanger Thrasher) go from being his trainer to being his tag team partner

Still performing at independent events but loving life post WWE

His thoughts on the tag team division in the Attitude Era vs today
“When I was there, there were many tag-teams. The L.O.D. (Road Warriors), Godwins, Body Donnas, etc. My opinion is that Vince (McMahon) never really liked tag-teams. I think he just looks at teams as a tool to put different guys and storylines over. I remember the Outlaws were champs for a long time, but they were two singles-guys who were put together as a team. I think Vince just uses those tag-belts now just to get individual storylines over and not teams, as a whole.”

How did “Beaver Cleavage” come about and how he thinks it wasn’t given enough time to connect with the audience
“That came up when Glen (Thrasher) blew his knew out. Back when we first started, my passport picture was taken when I was like 20. And one day, Gerry Brisco looked at it and said ‘you look like Beaver Clever’. And it started out as a joke. When the whole attitude era came about, Russo somehow came up with doing the whole Beaver Cleavage thing. But it got killed off pretty quickly afterwards. I’m a goof-ball and I go out there and have fun. And that’s all I was gonna do with the character and go out there with this pretty girl (who’s supposed to be my mother) and stick my face in her cleavage. And I’m sure it would’ve gotten over if it only got more time to connect.”

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