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He’s the ace in your face and our favorite Elvis. Now, former X-Division Champion Sonny Siaki joins James Guttman for a rare 44 minute shoot interview on about his wrestling career in the ring and his amazing story outside of it with talk about everything including the role WWE played in his WCW release, memories of his partner Eki “Umaga” Fatu, comparisons to the Rock, confusion over the Flying Elvises gimmick, competing in Chris Candido’s tragic last match and the stunning aftermath, and tons more. For a full list of topics, head to:

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Few fans may realize Sonny Siaki’s story of retirement from the ring is an uplifting one. A staunch believer that family comes first, Sonny donated a kidney to his brother when no other family members were a match. Years later, his brother is doing great but Siaki had to give up in-ring competition following the surgery. Sonny talks about his family life throughout the interview including an upcoming appearance they have on Family Feud. Although years removed from the ring, he hasn’t missed a beat as the former Ace in Your Face is now providing a service he feels many wrestlers can use. He explains it to James Guttman and listeners and anyone who follows wrestling news and scandals will agree that there are more than a few guys who can use it:

“I work for one of the top companies in the world right now. We’re in Forbes Magazine’s Top 100 companies – ranked #78 in the U.S. Basically, what I do, is I offer families lawyers. The reason I’m promoting this heavily on your wrestling website is because I know a lot of wrestlers out there deal with legal issues like signing contracts, child custody, divorce, the list goes on. Wrestlers today deal with legal issues and I offer them a monthly affordable rate of $25.95 a month for a wrestler, his spouse, his entire family – they’re all covered under this plan. So that’s it, man. That’s what I’m doing now.”

Siaki lays out many situations where his services come in handy for stars including everything from contract negotiations to driving violations going to and from shows. Sonny even sent along a letter of introduction for those looking for his service. The letter can be found at:

Although he’s now known for legal services, Siaki was also known as a former TNA X-Division Champion. However, that may never have come to fruition if Jerry Jarrett had his way. James mentions that just recently he had posted the first ever TNA match on the Youtube Player. The bout featured AJ Styles, Low-Ki, and Jerry Lynn vs. The Flying Elvises (Jorge Estrada, Jimmy Yang, and Sonny Siaki). Sonny explains in detail that the gimmick was something he found confusing at first since he’s not a huge Elvis fan. But, as JG points out, the over-the-top nature of it seemed to fit into the early theme of TNA. It was the tradition of the NWA vs. the new style of Total Nonstop Action. During the entrance, they even went to a shot of legends watching the Elvises and shaking their heads in shock. Regardless of all that, the bout was TNA’s first ever and being asked to wrestle in it was an honor for the normally cocky Siaki. He shows how humbled he was by the experience as the conversation continues:

“I remember like it was yesterday, just backstage, getting ready to walk out. I remember Scott Hall standing right there. I remember Jeff Jarrett. I was just so excited because it seemed like WWE now had a company to go up against. I just remember being nervous and excited and happy. I was just so happy that I was finally wrestling there. I started with WCW and did all the Saturday Night tapings. I did a few Nitros and Thunders. But I then left that company assuming I was going to WWF at the time.”

Sonny explains why he felt he would walk out of WCW and into WWF and the executive who made him think that. But despite all that, he landed in Total Nonstop Action and found a way to stand out in the first bout – even with the Elvis gimmick. Guttman points out that as Yang and Estrada played more of the dancing Elvis gimmick, Siaki seemed to play the gimmick in a cocky Siaki-like way. He asks Sonny if this was laying the groundwork for his eventual heelish rebirth. Siaki says it wasn’t and tells members that it actually came close to stopping that rebirth from ever happening.

“It was just me being me. Actually, I think you’re the first person I’m telling this to – but Jerry Jarrett wanted to fire me. Yeah. He wanted to fire me because he thought I was being arrogant. If you go back and watch us come out through the curtain and down the ramp, I wasn’t being an Elvis like Jimmy and Jorge was. Jerry Jarrett saw it as, ‘this guy has an attitude. He’s cocky. He doesn’t want to do it. Blah, blah, blah.’ He did everything he could to try to fire me but Vince Russo and Jeff Jarrett were on my side. They saved my job. Oh man. If I would have gotten fired, I don’t think I would be talking to you right now.”

Guttman mentions that Vince Russo’s writing may come under attack but personally, he’s a good person. JG points out that he knew Vince on Long Island long before he went to the WWF and feels he sometimes gets a bum rap. Siaki agrees:

“Everybody has a right to their own opinions. Me? I’m a fan of Russo’s. I feel he definitely brings something different to the audience. I like his style of writing. I’m a fan of Russo. I like the stuff that he writes. I do like to see a bit more in-ring wrestling stories, though. I know he likes to do a lot of stuff outside the ring. Other than that, you know, I’m not gonna lie. Vince looked out for me big time. He was a big fan of Sonny Siaki.”

It doesn’t end there. There’s tons more to the 44 minute interview with Sonny Siaki and you can hear it all right now, along with literally hundreds of other stars the second you sign up on including many former and current TNA stars like Samoa Joe, AJ Styles, Goldylocks, Bobby Lashley, Kevin Nash, Kharma, Traci Brooks, Jim Mitchell, and tons more.